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Aldnoah.Zero 2 - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

  1. #877242015-03-02 19:22:18Taro_Tanako said:


    Err..sorry..i couldn't help myself..

    Yeh, I think Asseylum is gonna join the hate train on Slaine, poor little murdering betrayer. It's OK though as Inaho will bring the justice!

  2. #878472015-03-08 03:50:48Teil said:

    Slaine's logic continues to grow worse with every new episode as he continues to plunge even further off the deep end. Dammit I love him and his contradictions. Too bad he's probably going to end up dead, emotionally destroyed, or both. Dumbo

  3. #879862015-03-15 03:43:27 *--Jack-- said:

    EP 10 S2 References, beware

    Also what the hell, I guess being part robot is definitely within terran technology, despite not having decent enough mechs to stand up to Vers'

    Robot eye ex machina

  4. #881102015-03-22 17:21:24Taro_Tanako said:

    So, it's the final episode next week with everyone now in some precarious position. Will live or die?!

    Who will shoot who first? Will Asseylum ever see Inaho again? Will justice actually be done and Slaine finally get fucked over like he damned well deserves? Will anyone give a shit about Inaho? How does Rayet stay so slim? Is this mess gonna continue for a third season?

    So many questions, so few actually interested in their answers..

    (I've really enjoyed Aldnoah but it doesn't seem to have been the hit I expected)