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  1. Kip's Mega Icon Collection

    #863562015-01-15 23:53:44 *Kip said:

    Hello, everyone!

    So, I have a hobby of pretty much going on Icon-sprees and collecting icons any and everywhere i can get them from. It's pretty much a collecting thing for me, and since I have so many I figured I'd share some of the icons i've accumulated with members from TheColorless!

    You can view and download any icon you find here in my dropbox folder. I've gotten them from places such as DreamWidth, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and Photobucket. Each folder is organized and named according to series and character, though some of them are mixed characters from the same series.

    If you're too lazy to go out and find some icons, this is the place for you! If you'd like to request for me to go out and find some icons for you, ask me here in this thread or send me a PM and then i'll upload the character or series into a folder for everyone to share!

    (seriously, i love going around and gathering icons, just tell me what you want lol)

    To check out the dropbox folder, head on down and browse around!

    WARNING!!! Some icons may contain spoilers!

    Some clarification! Icons, or avatars, are images people use online for instant messaging, forums, profiles, blogs, galleries, and many other things! However, icons are also the images that your computer uses for folders and programs (My Computer, Photoshop, Documents, etc...). Both use the same name but they are very different.

    Desktop Icons and Icon Sets will be in the "Desktop Icons" folder, and personal use icons will be in the "Avatars" folder.

  2. #863572015-01-16 00:03:28 *Kip said:


    • Durarara
    • FLCL (Amarao, Haruhara, Canti)
    • Zetsuen no Tempest
    • .hack//G.U.
    • Sakamichi no Apollon (Sentaro)
    • Fairy Tail (Gajeel)
    • Tokyo Ghoul (Kaneki, Suzuya)

    Those will be my next uploads!

  3. #863622015-01-16 02:16:36CQKumber said:

    Probably shoulda seen this coming, but literally any characters from Fooly Cooly. If you need specific names, then Amarao, Haruhara, and.Canti are my top picks

  4. #863632015-01-16 02:26:58Teil said:

    I'll be spending most of my time in that wonderful GUMI folder you have here~A glorious collection indeed Kip.

  5. #863662015-01-16 03:57:15Zyxx23 said:

    Oh my glob MEGANE-CHAN!! ---er I mean MIRAI!!!!

    May I request Zetsuen no Tempest and maybe some .hack//G.U., also more Pokemon please OwO)

  6. #863742015-01-16 07:21:05 *Teru said: I do that too, with artists and everything. It's on spoiler mode because there's probably something NSFW there.

  7. #863752015-01-16 07:27:17Kip said:

    LOL @Teru

    i was actually considering uploading wallpapers and art collected as well but then i'd have to make the thread NSFW ;w;

  8. #863772015-01-16 08:43:25 *Kip said:

    New Additions:

    Series: Noragami

    • YATO (128 icons)
    • IKI (119 icons)
    • YUKINE (110 icons)
    • KOFUKU (53 icons)
    • BISHAMON (42 icons)

    Series: .hack//G.U.

    • Mixed Characters (199 icons) will be adding more to this folder occasionally, i'll make posts for it.
    Total: 651 icons
  9. #863812015-01-16 11:55:01 *Yugure said:


    Lemme specify mine: POKEMON SPECIALS!!!

    Go all out and find those Pokedex Holders, especially Gold, hehehehe @Kip

  10. #863982015-01-16 19:14:12 *Kip said:

    icons. if people want to use them as avatars that's their own bizz. the majority of images are also 100x100.

  11. #864012015-01-16 21:40:34DarkChaplain said:

    Icon's for what, then? What use do they have?
    I mean, I'd get proper .ico files for use as folder icons or such, but what exactly is the difference between these images and bogstandard fansite avatars?

    By the way, looking into the Bakemonogatari folder, most of the images aren't even squared or anything. What's up with that?

  12. #864042015-01-16 22:19:24 *Kip said:

    because people like to use icons on instant messaging services and on websites? that seems like a silly question to ask. icons are just icons for fun and personal use.

    Square is the one who contributed the icons in the Bakemonogatari folder, i haven't uploaded any ones i've found yet into there. you'll have to ask him if you have questions about those.

    EDIT;; btw if i am misunderstanding something please let me know. are you actually talking about those Desktop Icons i have uploaded in there mixed in with the regular anime/game icons?

  13. #864272015-01-17 13:33:43DarkChaplain said:

    because people like to use icons on instant messaging services and on websites?

    So... avatars, then.

    Nope, not really, since "icon" usually means something different in context of PCs.
    If they are simple "pictures", then.... why not simply call them "pictures"?

  14. #864282015-01-17 14:05:17CQKumber said:

    What even does it matter lol. I dunno why you're attacking the thread like this @DarkChaplain, but it's childish and you're cluttering up said thread with unnecessarily nitpick-y comments. As a fellow member who'd rather not see non-heavy threads get bogged down for apparently no real reason, I'd ask you to please leave the thread alone.

    If, however, you have a request for any icons/avatars/pictures that you'd like for Kip to upload, feel free to ask! That is the original purpose of the thread, after all, and the more people participating, the more icons/avatars/pictures/meticulously arranged blobs of pixels there'll be for everyone to use! Thanks~

  15. #864292015-01-17 14:43:35 *Cenica said:

    @CQKumber DC is not attacking the thread. He was asking a legit question and has a legit point. These are not icon files or icons. There simply small images. Too small to do much of anything with. And he was questioning the point of having a thread like this on CL when you can do a google search, find a large img that you can crop like you want, and have a better gravatar or such

  16. #864302015-01-17 14:45:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    So asking for clarification and purpose of the offered image files equals "attacking", yes? I'll keep that in mind.

    See, when I read Icons, I think of these:

    Since we're on a somewhat "nerdy" site, I wouldn't have been surprised to find anime icons like that. People actually make those, especially for anime libraries. Heck, I have folder icons for pretty much every series I archived at some point, and there are shitloads of icon sets floating around on deviantart as well, for games, anime, system tools, you name it.

    So excuse me if I got confused by your naming conventions and asked for clarification, and explanation of how these differ from simple avatars and image snippets. Especially since a bunch of the images I saw in the collection have been floating around the net, especially on dedicated fan forums as default avatars, for years and years.

    Had I known that asking for a few words of clarification would hurt your feelings, I might have considered just shaking my head and thinking my part. But then, I thought that a clarification on the collection's us

    Maybe I'm just not deep enough in some sort of tumblr jargon, or somesuch, hence my misunderstanding.

  17. #864312015-01-17 15:35:26Kip said:

    Whoa whoa, i was only gone for a few hours what happened lol.

    I don't think it necessarily matters if they're called icons or avatars, since google searching icons will bring up images like these, and many services call them icons rather than avatars as well. I mean, i grew up with images like this being called "icons" by programs and websites, so that's just what i call them now, and many other people just call them that too.

    i think i get what DC is talking about now though about it. they're called the same thing, but they aren't desktop icons. I do have a folder for Desktop Icons in there(the Portal one) and was planning to upload more files similar to that because both are referred to by the same name by people, though, just cause i figured that would be something interesting. but if it will help clear up some things, i can edit my OP to include that these are not all specifically Desktop Icons and explain which ones are which, and place the Desktop Icons i plan to upload into a different folder separate from the anime/game themed icons. that way it will still be the "mega icon collection" but without as much confusion.

  18. #864322015-01-17 15:53:37DarkChaplain said:

    I don't think it necessarily matters if they're called icons or avatars, since google searching icons will bring up images like these

    When I search for Icons on google, I get actual icon sets for PCs, to replace folder or system icons with, even when coupled with anime.

    so that's just what i call them now, and many other people just call them that too.

    I've seen a bunch of new users over the years refer to their avatars as icons (mainly in the context of: "how do i get icon???"). Avatar or even Display Picture are more easily grasped than Icon, which has a bunch of different uses in tech as it is.
    So in a way, the use of icon is kinda misleading, especially when you consider that people offer icon collections all over the net, even for customizing your anime library (there was just another upload on nyaa for that purpose, even, and deviantart is flooded with them).

    But yeah, I'd urge you to clarify the files' purpose in the OP. Maybe you made it clear on chat (I think the topic popped up a few days ago? Might be mistaken, though), but the thread itself could benefit from a bit of an explanation.

    Another thing I got confused with were the lack of guidelines/format standards or consistent aspect ratio of the files on the dropbox. Are they supposed to be squared? 4:3? 16:9? 16:10? What resolutions are you looking for? So far it seems somewhat arbitrary, like with the Bakemonogatari images. The thumbnails on the box are squared, but upon clicking them, they appeared closer to screenshots.

    Either way, I looked through my avatar folders and found these here, maybe they're right for you, I don't know

  19. #864332015-01-17 16:18:37Kip said:

    I'll edit the OP then and add some more clarification, and when i get home i'll reorganize the Dropbox to properly separate the desktop icons from anime icons. as for their sizes, i'm not too sure about that. the majority of the icons should be 100x100 but i know there are a few in there (like my Haruhi grav i'm currently using) that are larger, around 300x300 i'd say. they're just supposed to be squared. this is what they appear to me when i look at the dropbox without being logged in:

    the blackbox is just some kind of dropbox feature that separates the images. i usually use 100x100 sized icons and they appear fine on chat, but on CL profiles they get a bit stretched. but these can be used anywhere, so some people might not care too much about that. i suppose it depends on who's using it.

    and a lot of the icons are also going to be screenshots since they're fanmade, but some look better than others. usually depending on the demand for certain icons from shows/movies/games, the better the quality (example, the Midna icons are probably not that fantastic looking compared to the Kingdom Hearts icons, or ones somebody might find of Lightning from FF).

    and thanks DC! :D these will be awesome additions~ i'll pop them in when i get home and reorganize everything.

  20. #864522015-01-18 06:16:45Kip said:

    i think so too! those were so much fun to fool around with when i found out about them lol i have to find all the sets i download way back when so i can share them with CL.

  21. #864512015-01-18 06:15:58Kip said:

    I've reorganized the Dropbox so that Desktop Icons and Avatars are now in separate folders! and i will be updating each folder soon with some new content.

  22. #867552015-01-26 08:50:14 *Kip said:

    New Additions:

    Series: Durarara

    • IZAYA (54 icons)
    • SHIZUO (45 icons)
    • CELTY (41 icons)
    • MISC (16 icons)

    Series: League of Legends.

    • (Firecracker) JINX (12 Icons)
    • (Warring Kingdoms) KATARINA (11)
    • (Classic) VI (10)
    • (Classic/Heartseeker) ASHE (17)

    League icons are 200x200 px

    Total: 206 icons
  23. #869352015-01-31 17:56:11Kip said:

    This wasn't on the queue, just something i decided to binge on for myself so i'm sharing them with you guys!

    New Additions:

    Series: Teen Titans Animated/GO!

    • RAVEN (116 icons)
    • STARFIRE (85 icons)
    • TERRA (41 icons)
    • ROBIN (30 icons)
    • BEAST BOY(22 icons)
    • BLACKFIRE (20 icons)
    • CYBORG (11 icons)
    • JINX (7 icons)
    • RED X (7 icons)
    Total: 339 icons
  24. #878482015-03-08 05:28:53Kip said:

    I HAVEN'T UPDATED THIS IN A WHILE but a while ago i went on an icon hunt for some stuff sooooo i uploaded the icons.

    65 Fruits Basket icons, nothing super fancy.

    Btw my previous laptop no longer works and now this one's monitor fell off so.... yeah that kind of explains why i haven't done the icons in the queue :'D i need to get a new computer before i can do them. sorry bout that everybody.