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Parent: Aldnoah.Zero 2 - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

  1. #863992015-01-16 19:53:41 *Akidzuki said:

    @9mm I don't think he's using her, it's more like he sought a way to save her, and the only way he saw he could achieve this was by making a deal with Saazbaum. If you think about it it's logical. If he killed Saazbaum, he couldn't have saved the dying princess.

    I think he's still doing everything for the princess, and he must have a plan to grant her a normal life.

  2. #864002015-01-16 19:59:379mm said:

    You are wrong. How is Saazbaum gonna "save her".

    Slaine could have talked to the king like he did before and tell him to save the princess. That sounds more logical to me.