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Parent: Aldnoah.Zero 2 - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

  1. #864072015-01-17 00:56:56 *Akidzuki said:

    @9mm And we all saw what speaking to the king did the last time... I think he no longer believed that it would do him any good. He knew Saazbaum's motivation and character, so he knew how to persuade him to let the princess live. Also, he had to act fast, because if they didn't treat the princess soon, she would have died before he could even talk to the king.

    This way, the princess is alive, hidden from the other martians AND terrans, and he can build his power to somehow "free" the princess from her fate. (perhaps by ending the war? )

    OFF: How do I write the reply like you did (under the post) ? :/

  2. #864112015-01-17 01:43:429mm said:

    alright. it's either we didn't watch the same anime or you watched it with really poorly translate sub.