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Parent: New User Introduction Thread

  1. #866372015-01-23 20:40:10 *gramo said:

    Hi I'm new, obviously. But ... to warn you beforehand.. I on the one side am passionate about a good argument if I posses the required knowledge about it in english. It's a shame for me not being as well as I'd like in this language, for I think it is a bloooming beautiful one. The other side is just utter silence.

    I like cats. I like me. I like stuff. :P

  2. #866382015-01-23 20:57:06olivaisfire1997 said:

    @gramo Oh, wow, I also like me! That is just so cool that we both adore me so much, it makes me happy to see someone with such amazing taste.

    Anywho, welcome to CL, an argument about anything is guaranteed to pop up anywhere, so I hope you have fun here!