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  1. What if CL were...

    #866482015-01-24 06:23:20 *Lieutenant said:

    So here's a thread that I got an idea of.

    What if CL were [fill in the blank]

    You may post anything in the blank; object, animal, place, etc. Anything, be creative, and then describe it.

    Simple example:
    - If CL were a baby, he/she won't survive because CL is obviously a place for 13-year-old and above.
    - If CL were a country, the civilians have a lot of faces.
    - If CL were a paint, they'd all be colorless, duh.
    - If CL were a girl, she'd be having periods about twice a month.

    *the subject may be repeated with different description because there's never enough description for CL.

  2. #866642015-01-24 14:27:34Rinneko said:

    If CL was a book, it wouldn't be very organised but it would certainly be interesting.

    Our book contains multiple characters, many of which can be considered protagonists, and they all have constrasting personalities, different agendas and various roles to fill. Each page would be an active moment in chat, running in a new direction every few minutes and getting into every topic under the sun. Our chapters would flow but maybe seem to repeat themselves too often to be the best novel. We would have no ending because as long as one user remains, CL is Still Alive. :")

  3. #866722015-01-24 19:32:29olivaisfire1997 said:

    If CL were an actor, it would be Nicolas Cage.

    Excentric in many levels, entertaining to watch doing it's thing if it's done well, otherwise it's just plain sad. Known for it's various points of view and style, it trully is a mess that no one can study or understand, but in the end, if you let all of that go, you'll have a great time just having a normal conversation with him.

  4. #866742015-01-24 20:14:31Dark-B said:

    If CL was a soap opera, it would be popular, chaotic, badly written, filled with off-stage disputes and yet still has many fans awaiting the next episode in the days of CL lives.

  5. #867012015-01-25 17:37:26 *Rinneko said:

    If CL was an instrument, it would be a french horn.

    It is a brass instrument that usually plays the bass notes, stablilising the ochestra with a steady beat. However, when it wants to kick up a big fuss with some dramatic flair, it certainly has the vocal ability.

  6. #867802015-01-26 19:51:20Kyuuun said:

    If CL were a high school kid it would be that one obnoxious douche in the back of the class who thinks they're so much more mature and above the rest of their classmates, but really they're just an asshole who jacks it to MLP

  7. #868542015-01-28 13:04:19Rinneko said:

    If CL was a song, it would be Blank Space because it is colorless, and hence not visible. Alright, I'm just joking. CL has nothing to do with satires about the media's view on Taylor's multiple relationships.

  8. #868912015-01-29 20:12:48CQKumber said:

    If CL were a DBZ character, it'd be Vegeta during the Namekian Arc. Running around stealing and hoarding dragon balls and generally fucking up everyone's shit all over the place, though all done with somewhat good intentions