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  1. [Official Project] Text to Speech: CL Style

    #871732015-02-07 09:37:47 *Jacek said:

    @Kip and I have been discussing for awhile now the collaboration of the two of us doing voice acting work, be it something moderately serious or more in the vein of dramatic readings (see: Poptart Tragedy).

    However we have mutually agreed that instead of finding things on our own we both find funny to read, we would instead extend this to the public of CL. The way it works is you comment in the format of:

    • Content to be read.
    • Who you want to read it (Jacek, Kip, or both)
    • How you want it to be read (happy, silly, shy, dramatic, etc.)

    The content can be anything, but keep in mind a few things:

    • Length (try to keep it relatively short and if it's a paragraph or so, pastebin it)
    • Whether the content is appropriate or not (while lewdness is usually not an issue, remember the ages of people here. Mark if it's NSFW)
    • No songs. This is not a singing thread, we've got those.
    • Nothing making fun of other CL members.

    If Kip or myself are chosen to read something off and we think it's too stupid or rude or lewd then we have the right to deny recording of it.

    All recordings will be uploaded to soundcloud.



    I'll keep this first post updated with any information changes. Please do not expect immediate recordings. Both Kip and my schedules change and we've both got other responsibilities. We'll try and get them out as quickly as possible but no next day shipping.

    Lastly, have fun with this. This is not some huge project or event. This is more my way of giving back to the community I've spent nearly 5 years on. I want people to have some fun with this. Make us say embarrassing things. Make us laugh, make us moan, make us groan with second-hand embarrassment.

    (By the way, Valentines is coming up. Perfect time to write some heartfelt message and having someone read it because you're shy, I'm not against doing something for someone off-site if this means loooooooove~~~)

  2. #871762015-02-07 12:10:47 *Rinneko said:

    In honour of Valentine's Day, here is a sort of pick-up line for both of you to read.

    "If you go out with me, I’ll treat you how I treat my Pocky. I’ll spend a lot of money on you, bring you home and finish you off within 5 minutes before I lay in bed crying myself to sleep."

    Have fun!

  3. #871772015-02-07 12:53:40 *Dark-B said:

    Oh, I know what would be a good one to read! @Ecstasy's facts. There are two volumes, but right now only one volume is available:

    • @CQKumber might be able to rival with @Dark-B on the size of their ever growing egos.
    • @Lieutenant
    • Beware of Yuoi
    • My adoration of @Kip might be reaching some dangerous levels if it keeps going up
    • @DarkChaplain is porn as confirmed by @Cenica
    • @Mau is gonna become the best mod of 2k15
    • @Jacek is happy
    • @evii-chii dislikes you
    • the cool kids don't say xtc these days, they say Extisee
    • @Rinneko is still innocent
    • @Momo is back, hide yo kids, hide yo wife

    Hope she has her previous one so you guys can read each!


  4. #872062015-02-08 16:08:50Johtoh said:

    The story between the fisherman and the lonely kumber….

    Kumber: Oh, how lonely am i. Am i not to be loved by all nor anyone? Will this kumber rest in eternal despair. Oh how i wish neptune permitted me to love again.

    Fisherman: (Boat sounds) might fine day to fish i must say.

    Kumber: Blasth thy neptune! He has forsaken me to this despair! Should he come crawling back to my kumberness i shall deny him of my love! Every sea i traveled, i strike quickly! But no, thy plebeians do not find my kumberness glamourous. Fear me not kumber. Tis day will be splendid.

    Fisherman: (fixes his line to the rod and casts out his hook) (grunts) (whistles a tune)

    Kumber: What noise is this i hear? (gives a short little "Hah" upon seeing the hook and bait) I knew it! No one can resist thy kumberness!

    (Kumber quickly wiggles to catch the falling line)

    Thy beauty is extraordinary. What is thy name?

    Fisherman: Wow i got one already! Lucky me! (Grunt as he pulls) She's a hefty one for sure

    Kumber: Ouch! Thou love hurts indeed! Are we going to paradise? (Suffocating sound followed by a breathing sound [Deep inspirations and expirations])

    Fisherman: Oh hoh? Aint never seen a fishy like this before.

    Kumber: Who is this love! What is this! Ouch! Unhand me you fiend!

    Fisherman: Its slimy, but must taste good. Purty also

    Kumber: Not so r-rough! A-ah~

    Fisherman: Really likes to squirm. And its expelling liquid.

    Kumber: How thy rough hands put my to ecstasy. Who art thou mysterious being?

    Fisherman: On second though this seems kind of gross now that i look at it, i think i should stick to fish. Ma always told me not to mess with the sea. (throws kumber over)

    Kumber: Now you forsake me also! No! This love must not be! For you are but a angel and i the lonely kumber! Goodbye my love! (plop)

    the end.

  5. #872772015-02-10 02:49:52Teil said:

    How about Brett's Death from Pulp Fiction. You two can work out who plays Jules and who plays Brett but here's the script. There's a bunch of directions in there because I took it from the actual script. I could have omitted them but I left them in for clarity.

  6. #872782015-02-10 04:00:04 *Warlock said:

    @Jacek @Kip Here's another request! Should be short and sweet I think.

    "My feelings for you won’t change, even if someone else confesses to me." by Yoshida Yuki (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?)

  7. #875802015-02-24 17:46:39Ecstasy said:

    oh don't mind me, I'm just gender confused.

    I've also totally pronounced @Jacek's username wrong. How do you even pronounce it when it's shortened to Jace?

  8. #877422015-03-03 10:27:16 *Rinneko said:

    It's alright, @Ecstasy. You are not alone in the mispronounciation. Then again, this is coming from the one who sometimes sees Jacek as Jacket.

    Also, how do you choose the images for your speeches, Jace? I'm trying to see the link of the admittedly funny images to the speeches ww

    @evii-chii, see? We all read it as ee-vee.

  9. #877492015-03-03 15:40:15Jacek said:

    @Rinneko They're just images that I have sitting around on my HDD.

    To everyone else about the pronunciation of "Jace," @Mizlily is right but they're two completely different names w

  10. #879962015-03-15 23:33:03--Jack-- said:


    I didn't get a ping from this though, hence the late reply.

    I could do requests too...maybe....but no singing..
  11. #879552015-03-13 11:44:01Rinneko said:

    Here's some new lines for both of you to read. I c&p-ed them from here.


    • "And from a very tiny, underused part of my brain - probably located at the base of my medulla oblongata near where my subconscious dwells - comes the thought: He's here to see you." The core of our frontal lobe, which is the area of the brain that controls logical reasoning, is telling us that this sentence is needlessly convoluted.
    • "I feel the colour in my cheeks rising again. I must be the colour of The Communist Manifesto." Definitely the first comparison that springs to our mind when we think 'red'.


    • "I eye Christian's toothbrush. It would be like having him in my mouth. Hmm…" Hmmm... toothbrush porn...
    • "Look at me," he breathes, and I stare up into his smouldering grey gaze. It is his Dom gaze - cold, hard and sexy as hell, seven shades of sin in one enticing look." When in doubt, add more adjectives.
  12. #882392015-03-27 22:17:08Jacek said:


    I'm looking for someone with the voice of an uke, decent sounding mic, the ability to act things out properly, and willing to say some lewd and embarrassing shit. If you think you've got what it takes, PM me a sample and if you're the right one I'll bring you up to speed.