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  1. Besieged Contest/Giveaway

    #874442015-02-16 10:34:05 *Deftones said:

    So yeah, I like this game and I want to share it.


    • Post what you would build, be creative.
    • Contest goes for three days from the date of this thread post.
    • Only one entry per person. You're allowed to edit the post.
    • Only two codes will be given out.

    How to win:

    • I pick my favorite posts (2 posts).
    • Those users get steam codes for besieged through cl pm.

    This is not a review, so if you want to find out more about this game, use Google.


    The game is still in alpha, the game mechanics are pretty much finished. It's just lacking content and it does crash sometimes on my laptop. But free game so whatever.

  2. #874462015-02-16 16:49:05MrTrain said:

    ThIs looks like a pretty fun game. I would build a badass murder train. It would have a good speed and to prolong it's life the weapons on on the sides of the vehicle. So I would run over weak stuff and destroy building to my left and right. Also if I could figure out the flight in this game I'll turn it into a dragon like badass murder train. :D

  3. #874522015-02-16 22:27:54 *--Jack-- said:

    This game does look really cool. A "Physics-based siege engine creator"

    Besiege On Steam


    I'd probably build a large moving fortress covered in spikes and cannons...maybe with some propellers on top to see if it would fly too. Maybe make it round so it could roll over stuff like peoples houses.

  4. #874672015-02-17 21:25:39Wolfangle said:

    So i saw NerdCubed playing this a few days ago & thought it'd spend a lot of time working this game out on crazy stuff if i had it ._. and seeing the low specs that jack posted. HA, ALL MINE :V

    But seriously, you've gotta make a turtle type thing. Maybe like a armored turtle shell with propellers on it so it flies. And throw in some flamethrowers on the bottom to cause ultimate destruction around the towns :'I hell yes

  5. #874802015-02-18 09:17:34Mr_Sunshine said:

    This game looks so cool. I would actually make a robot that jumps up into the air and hovers while spraying molten fire out of its butt flamethrower. Then, it'll self destruct and explode into a fireball and engulf the village or whatever I'm attacking.

  6. #874832015-02-18 17:08:31 *Kiboune said:

    I want to build something like this. But the arrow gonna be with flamethrower or explosive ball and with wings to control air movements! http://www.leonardodavincisinventions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/leonardo-da-vincis-crossbow.jpg