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  1. Round 3: The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! [COMPETITION]

    #876992015-03-02 10:33:00 *Gwynn said:

    The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! Rounds 3!


    So, we are continuing from where this was left off, meaning it is now the third round of the contest!

    Every match will last 2-3 days of voting. Contestants who passed to the third round:

    • The Doktor - Hellsing (WINNER)
    • Edward Steam - Steamboy (KO'd)
    • Mikhail Pavlichenko - Darker Than Black(KO'd)
    • Hange Zoë - Attack On Titan (WINNER)
    • Ichiro "Icchan" Mihara - Angelic Layer (KO'd)
    • Rinrato Okabe - Steins;Gate (WINNER)
    • Verde - Katekyo Hitman Reborn (KO'd)
    • Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou (WINNER)

    Additionally, Gojo Shiouji passed the first round but was not present in the 2nd, leaving him out unless someone whines.

    For the rules and nominations here. Groups have been composed randomly.

    Previous Round 1. Round 2.

    Let's start voting!

  2. #877002015-03-02 10:33:08 *Gwynn said:

    The Doktor - Hellsing

    Nazi vampire enthusiast.


    9 votes


    Edward Steam - Steamboy

    Steampunk megalomaniac.


    3 votes

  3. #877282015-03-02 21:46:04Taro_Tanako said:

    Le sigh..

    Edward Steam. The Doktor is a creepier, truly evil villain, but Edward Steam is a proper mad scientist, being unhinged and brilliant but obsessed with knowledge and science for it's own sake rather than just being an evil dick.

  4. #878012015-03-05 22:55:03 *Gwynn said:

    Mikhail Pavlichenko - Darker Than Black

    Kind, loving father.


    1 vote


    Hange Zoë - Attack On Titan

    Crazy titan fanatic.


    6 votes

  5. #878032015-03-05 23:02:15Rebel said:

    Hange Zoë .... because loving the very thing that's make your own species go extinct... is just crazy ...

  6. #878042015-03-05 23:02:41Taro_Tanako said:

    Tricky one this, but...

    I vote Hange Zoë since she has dat crazy-ass mania and obsession all good mad scientists should have. Pavlichenko is more of a cold fish sinister science guy really. Again, a good science villain but not the exuberant MAD scientist type IMHO.

  7. #878072015-03-06 04:40:23Teil said:

    I hate both of these characters but I'm going with Mikhail Pavlichenko simply because I enjoyed DtB far more than AoT. I couldn't care less who wins this round though