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  1. Cards Against Humanity ONLINE

    #879482015-03-12 17:53:22Kip said:

    Tired of playing Pretend You're Xyzzy? Tired of the boring, cluttered layout of that CAH remix?

    LOOK NO FURTHER, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, for Cards Against Originality is here! A sleek, more "CAH" looking type of online game that stays true to the Cards Against Humanity series. It includes all of the latest game packs, cards, and expansions, though you're going to lose those fanmade ones that are on Xyzzy (but are you really THAT disappointed? c'mooon).

    Game making is extremely easy and the game also comes with an iOS/Android version for those of you who prefer using your phone. Handy, right?

    You can skip over inactive people, ping your players to get their attention, and every player can also keep track of exactly which black cards they've won!