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  1. Round 4: The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! [COMPETITION]

    #879762015-03-14 17:06:09 *Gwynn said:

    The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! Rounds 4!

    After the 3rd round, it is now time for semi-final matches! Maddest of the mad who made it this far:

    • Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou (WINNER)
    • The Doktor - Hellsing (KO'd)
    • Rinrato Okabe - Steins;Gate (WINNER)
    • Hange Zoë - Attack On Titan (KO'd)

    These 4 are already on top of everyone else, but now they will battle for the crown! (Or mad scientist hat with goggles) As always, matches will last 2-3 days.

    For the rules and nominations here. Groups have been composed randomly.

    Previous Round 1. Round 2. Round 3

    Now get voting! For science! You monster!

  2. #879772015-03-14 17:06:17 *Gwynn said:

    Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou

    An eight-year-old mad scientist who created Nano, often making various adjustments to her without her noticing but never getting round to removing the obvious wind-up key from her back. Despite her intellect, she still acts like any child of her age. Her favorite animal is the shark.

    6 votes


    The Doktor - Hellsing

    He is the mastermind behind Millennium's artificial vampires, and has not aged since the second world war. He is also in the possession of a peculiar remote controller, controlling many different aspects of the Millennium war machine.

    0 votes

  3. #880042015-03-17 05:18:57 *Gwynn said:

    Rinrato Okabe - Steins;Gate

    He is a first year student attending Tokyo Denki University, and calls himself a Crazy Mad Scientist. He acts like a villain, but is rather immature as he frequently shows traits of Chunibyou syndrome despite being a grown-up man. After enrolling in university, he went to Akihabara to open up a laboratory called the "Future Gadget Research Establishment," where he invents gadgets that are rather useless.

    4 votes


    Hange Zoë - Attack On Titan

    Hange is very passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge. She can be seen as very hyperactive, often diving into projects without thought for personal safety (and frightening lots of subordinates in the process), instead preoccupied with observing and documenting the subjects. Some misunderstand these acts and Hange is seen as eccentric and having more than a few screws loose. She also enjoys discussing this research, but as the lectures can be very long and detail-oriented, not many fellow soldiers find them interesting.

    2 votes