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Parent: New User Introduction Thread

  1. #880092015-03-17 07:33:07safri said:

    moshi moshi , my name is safri-desu. i like to listening music in order to spent my time and also love to watch anime :). nice to meet you guys.

  2. #880152015-03-17 17:36:02Jacek said:

    Welcome to CL. Be sure to check out the user guide, FAQ, rules, etc. if you have any questions. Anything it doesn't cover, PM any of the staff and we'll be sure to help.

  3. #880312015-03-19 05:13:40Warlock said:

    Hey, make sure you take a look at the User Guide, and ask staff if you have any questions on anything. Otherwise, have fun, and I hope you can make some friends on here!