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  1. FINAL Round: The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! [COMPETITION]

    #880582015-03-20 22:15:46 *Gwynn said:

    The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! Rounds 4!

    After four rounds, it is now time for the final match! Maddest of the mad who made it this far:

    Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou

    A cute little girl in a lab coat that can on a whim create intelligent human-like robot with personality or scarf to talk to animals. And she does. She is genius in a true sense of the world, able to solve problems and understand things that normal person would never even think about, but she is still a child, so her inventions reflect that a lot. Basically, she invents and makes her own world just to play with it.



    10 Votes


    Rinrato Okabe - Steins;Gate

    "Co-op deeply from a trough of future shock. Allow that woolly brain to be stricken with envy. You are speaking to member 001, lab founder, evil genius, and mad scientist extraordinaire. ‘tis I, Hououin Kyouma." Otherwise known as Rintarou Okabe, inventor of D-mail and master of Steins;Gate.


    8 Votes

    Previous Round 1. Round 2. Round 3. Round 4.

    Voting is OPEN unitl MIDNIGHT March 23rd PST

  2. #880742015-03-21 06:55:11udonge said:

    Shinonome Hakase for me.

    The thing that make me choose her over timelord here is due her nature. Most of the maddo scientist I came across here tend to be quite cynical and serious, but hakase her, she's on dope man. Making robot girl that shoot roll cake and shit and talking to cat.

    A genius mind with the unlimited creativity of a child. What more can you ask for? Well, this is my 2cent anyway.

  3. #880932015-03-21 22:37:59Taro_Tanako said:

    One of these is a cute scientist..one of these is a MAD SCIENTIST..

    Rintaro Okabe because this is not a kawaii weeb fan service contest :P

  4. #883572015-03-31 20:48:34 *Gwynn said:

    After long struggle, this contest has finally reached its conclusion! We now know who is the top mad scientist for all the CL.

    The 3rd place is shared between Her Doktor from Hellsing Ultimate and Hange Zoë from Attack on Titan. One is the character from a well-established work and another hails from the relatively new popular anime. Both are side-characters, but both are well-deserving of this place.

    The 2nd place is taken by Rintaro Okabe from Steins;Gate. It was obvious that mad scientist that is so cool (sonuvabitch!) just had to get to the finals, and he did. Combining the popularity of the anime with the awesome character himself, he defeated all other opponents until the very end, where he met...

    The 1st place is taken by cute little Shinonome Hakase from Nichijou. Surprisingly, while her anime is not that big, her personality, making her a very unique mad scientist, allowed her to win over all, though the final struggle was very narrow one. Still, madness and cuteness prevailed, and Shinonome Hakase is now crowned as the favorite mad scientist of CL!