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    #882922015-03-29 21:47:40 *olivaisfire1997 said:

    Greetings CL! This is one of your most forgetable sons (by choice) speaking. I bring you all a proposition today, and if you read the title you pretty much already figured out what it is. Clever you. This is in fact a proposition for a project I've had in mind for a while, it didn't originate this way, it actually started as more of a solo project, but I think that some things work better with a community, especially ideas that require creative work.

    Wait wait, before you start. What is abridging?

    Well, if you don't know, abridging is, putting it simply, shortening and satirizing something, popularly it has been done with anime series, and I'd like to do the same with the help of many CL'ers.

    So, what is this idea exactly?

    Simple, it's to create a team, an abridging team, branching from voice actors, and writters to editors and just plain enthusiasts. I wish to make this a project that can get the widest variety of people on board, each with their own skills and ideas. And for that I've left the future of this wide open, meaning I don't have a specific series that I wish to abridge, this way the group could choose one that would fit everybody's preference and needs.

    Okay, so what do you need?

    People, that's what I want the most, and lots of them, I really want to make this a community thing, so I want to get a bunch of people. I don't specifically need Voice Actors or Editors, I need, no, I want every kind of help, if you can't edit, or do voice work, but you have some cool ideas, you can be part of the creative team, or if you can't write or do anything that I just mentioned, heck, your support is also very helpfull. I want to make this a huge project!

    So wait, if I got it straight, you have basically no clue where you're going with this, do you?

    Well, yes and no. I mean, I do know I want to create a project that would belong to all of CL in various levels. I know I'd like for the finished product to be put on the CL Youtube channel, if I was allowed. And I also know that I need your support to get this going, because, well, you could be a future member. But I don't know what series we would do, although judging the fact that this is CL you'd all probably like a Durarara Abridged series, it all depends on how this team will end up like. And it's true that I don't know if I'll get any support to begin with, but, like I said, this is a proposition, not something being developed at all, unless you count me being here begging attention for the project as a step of developing. Anyway, I'd really REALLY like to know what is the community's take on the idea, and would love to get you all backing me up!

    Okay, say I'd like to join, what do I do?

    Just post it on the thread, saying you'd like to help, be it with acting, editing, writting, or just plain ideas, anything is welcome. And if you're the shy type a PM will do. So, please go ahead and tell me what you think.

  2. #968762016-01-04 09:29:48EvoRulz said:
    psst @Kittycat i've seen your creative humour first-hand and i think you would be really good at coming up with parts of the script or tweaking them, just sayin ;)
  3. #882972015-03-29 22:35:49Jacek said:

    While this could be good, the main issue I see is the writing. I admit I haven't kept up with the writing events DC did so my knowledge of how well CL members can write is limited, but from what I've seen there, in chat, in private, and on the forums, legitimately funny satire is hard to come by.

    I'd really like to see where this goes and I'd be happy to lend my hand in the writing and the voice acting.

  4. #882992015-03-29 22:39:30 *olivaisfire1997 said:

    Yes, I do understand your worries @Jacek , in fact when this idea started out, I was trying to create an abridged series on my own, but was faced with some obstacles, especially in the writting department. But that's why I wanted to get all of CL's attention, new people come by every time, and some talents could be yet undiscovered. But all in all I want to make this a project for everyone. And it would be an honor to have someone as talented as you on board!

  5. #883002015-03-29 22:47:51Jacek said:

    Yeah going at something like this solo wouldn't work out too well, you'd need a team to at the very least bounce ideas off of. Hopefully this will not turn into Miyogi's car "anime" from years back. Which had a lot of potential but ended up falling flat.

  6. #883012015-03-29 22:56:59 *olivaisfire1997 said:

    Unfortunately I never heard of that case, and if there's something I won't be able to prevent is this ending up falling flat. I just have to hope this gets enough people backing it up.

  7. #883082015-03-30 02:47:38BeautifulMan said:

    I am willing to voice act. I have a high quality mic and the ability to use Audacity. I have done Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and GT projects before.

  8. #883272015-03-30 14:28:41olivaisfire1997 said:

    Just thought I should ask, sorry. @Johtoh are you actually wanting to participate? I have to ask since Kitty also is going to fully be part of this. But it's obviously okay if you aren't joinning.

  9. #883152015-03-30 07:27:21 *MrTrain said:

    Back in 2010-2011 or so we did actually make a Durarara Abridged series or a drrr fandub group? I can't quite remember, but it was an interesting bit of nostalgia. Anyways, if you want to make this project a thing, I have one tip: Make deadlines. Let's face it, it's the internet, very many of us procrastinate, and procrastination is something that has ruined so so so many projects.

    I wish you the best of luck.
    I can help with voice acting and possibly some art (if you aren't expecting too much quality)

  10. #883262015-03-30 14:26:55olivaisfire1997 said:

    Ah, I see, I had never heard of that case. Yes, it's true procrastination is a major issue and I will try to manage it the best I can. I thank you for your support, and it's great to have you in!

  11. #883302015-03-30 14:43:49Mairu said:

    I can't help with any big parts(due to exams and other arrangements), but if you need short lines to be recorded, I don't mind helping out.

  12. #883312015-03-30 14:52:29olivaisfire1997 said:

    Yeah, we can't do anything about things like that, everyone has their schedule. But, like I said, any kind of help is great. I'm very happy that you're interested!

  13. #883322015-03-30 16:01:07 *Ecstasy said:

    I'll be following the thread in case I find something to do in this project. I don't do voice acting but I can maybe throw in a couple of ideas or do some editing etc.

    @olivaisfire1997 best of luck!

  14. #883342015-03-30 16:11:34Cloud-VK said:

    This whole project sounds very interesting and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun too. I would like to join in on the acting part.

    -3- don't know what my future holds this summer, or how my schedule will look. But, if there's a place for my voice in this project I'd be happy to lend it.

  15. #883362015-03-30 16:21:20olivaisfire1997 said:

    That's great to hear, happy to have you with us! And yes, summer is a bit unpredictable, but I'll see what we can arrange when that time comes.

  16. #883372015-03-30 17:13:56Taro_Tanako said:

    As I've said, I am happy to help out with voice acting and (maybe) scripting. Great idea buddy! It's interesting and creative and whether or not it turns out as you planned it's a great project to get CL peeps involved in something constructive.

    Two thumbs up

  17. #886822015-04-10 14:14:39 *olivaisfire1997 said:

    Sorry, for the late update on these matters, I've been a bit busy with... well life. So @Taro_Tanako since you asked, I'll give you a...


    Since I made this thread a lot of people showed their interest, we're already quite a big bunch from what I was expecting. But having so many people means things get a bit messy, especially in the idea department. One thing we decided to do is starting our group with a sort of test-run, a one-shot abridged, meaning only one short video, 5 to 8 mins abridging something to test how we work together. Unfortunatelly we still haven't decided on what to do for the one-shot or for the series, we're still brainstorming things.

    Besides that I've been trying to do some thinking on my own, and decided it was also for the best to post some ideas we had flowing along here, just to see how everyone would respond to them.

    Ideas so far

    Right now we haven't really gone far in the creative spectrum and have just been name dropping animes here and there, so far those name droppings have been: Death Parade, Free!, DRRR, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Parasyte, Ping Pong The Animation, KanColle, Bacanno, Psycho-Pass, Assassination Classroom( So many asses)...

    But in terms of developed-ish not really ideas, we only have 2, involving Parasyte and Psycho-Pass. In Parasyte it was considered to make Shinichi, our main character to actually be insane, instead of the parasitic invasion thing being real, every sort of plot point in the original would be altered in a way that would make him look crazy in a quite high degree. As for Psycho-Pass we were thinking of trying to do a sort of Cops parody with it, meaning we'd do a documentary style abridging, maybe following newbie police officer Akane and her takes on her team mates and the people they capture. Both these ideas have not been developed at all in any way, we're still quite deep in brainstorming and discussing things.

    And that's basically all there is to report so far, if you have any questions be sure to ask, or if you have any neat ideas, go ahead and suggest them!

  18. #968752016-01-04 09:26:54EvoRulz said:

    If this is still going somewhere i can offer an aussie accent for a character, or just regular voice acting haha ^_^ I do have a reasonable mic