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  1. Y'all should donate this month

    #884782015-04-02 19:03:15Kip said:

    Why? The current donation bar:


    Ya got 5 or 10 bucks lying around???


    Help keep the site up another month if you love CL and me.

    (But mostly the chat. We know why you're really here.)
  2. #884952015-04-03 01:58:36Cloud-VK said:

    Thanks for the confidence boost XD

    Anyhow, earliest I can donate will be Monday next week just to let y'all know.

  3. #884892015-04-03 00:56:18Jacek said:

    I would but the way my bank account is set up I got a checking and a savings and all my money is in the savings and...

  4. #983642016-01-29 23:35:51Inia said:

    If you have debit, there's an e-gift card option, as well as using Paypal as a guest. If not, you can buy Paypal gift cards physically, provided idiots haven't snuck and scratched them off.

  5. #983682016-01-30 00:24:56Inia said:

    Yup, Paypal GCs, even GCs from Visa and others, but I think just a regular Paypal GC is easiest. You should be able to just enter the pin when donating. For others interested, you can use rewards sites to earn money on the side. Some people call it earning beer money. I know a few safe sites for that, as well as who will rip you off.

  6. #983862016-01-30 03:01:52Koushiro said:

    I will ask dad to donate by that i mean blackmail him into giving me money because why not , because the way my savings work, is being monitored by my sister. And she isnt awesome. =_____=