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  1. Backronyms! [Forum Game]

    #886352015-04-08 19:42:30 *--Jack-- said:

    A Backronym ... a reverse version of an acronym. Acronyms like M.A.D.D. (Mothers against drunk driving) are made with a meaning already behind them, but backronyms are not. Any group of letters can be made into a backronym, although its a bit harder for them to make sense...

    DDAF = Dads Dodging Animal Farts?

    How to Play

    Step 1: Make a backronym out of the letters posted by the user above you.

    Step 2: Add some letters to the end of your post for the next person. (Please make them CAPS so its easy to tell).


    • Try to avoid profanity. If a word is particularly bad, I'll just sneak in and edit it to a really weird word >:)

    • Bacronyms don't have to make sense, but its more fun to try and make the words connected in some way.

    • Try not to make them too long or too short. 3 - 6 letters is fine (besides, you're just choosing the letters).

    I'll post some as an example below to start off. Have fun!