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  1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Announced

    #886432015-04-08 23:35:25 *Gwynn said:

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a favorite of mine. Sure, the boss battles were badly balanced, and downright frustrating at times. Then there was the weird zombie, and still frame ending. The game was charming though; with a living world dealing with the new technology of human augmentation. There’s conspiracy, private military companies, a shadow government, and terrorists.

    Looks like the newly announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the next installment, and Adam Jensen is back! Personally, I loved the voice actor they chose for Jensen, and I’m looking forward to fighting more conspiracies with him. Jensen is, of course, augmented and the new game introduces new augments including an EMP wave, taser, cloaking, and armor. The guns are back too, which should mean it will have a similar fluid, and fun combat system from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    The premise of the new game seems to be that augmented humans are society’s outcasts. This social division has given rise to augmented people is that racist? forming a serious terrorist group. Their leader is a huge Russia stereotype, with a shady androgynous underling. Jensen is going to kick their asses, because he’s just that kind of guy, or maybe he’s being manipulated by the Illuminati? again

    It's announced release date is 12/31/2015, you can pre-order now.

    Check out the trailer and try not to be disappointed by the lack of game play.

    If you don’t know about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or Deus Ex: The Fall, then go check them out!

  2. #886452015-04-08 23:51:57BeautifulMan said:

    Have you only played Human Revolution? Personally I'm a big fan of the series and hope they perfect the obvious imperfections of the previous one.

  3. #888322015-04-20 07:58:19evii-chii said:

    Well the game is still far but yet close to releasing so yay! HR was a surprisingly good game and if you ask me sent quite an interesting message to the players. Adam was a really interesting chracter although his voice made me giggle quite a lot. I would've found it nice if we could change clothes though...sigh. Anyway, can't wait for this one. I dount Adam will let anyone manipulate him again so it'll be interesting. And considering people now absolutely hate augs I suspect we won't be able to show our powers in front of people? Either way it's going to be a fun ride.