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Parent: New User Introduction Thread

  1. #888012015-04-18 12:56:53Chaotic-loner said:

    Hello, I'm a chaotic-loner! It has also become my username because i thought that my username had to be related to me somehow. I googled chat sites that have the same interface as that of Durarara!!! and found this site, I hope i get along with everyone in the chat. I'll drop by the chat whenever i feel like it. As for my basic info which i can give to anyone: I'm 15years old and a highschool first year, my exams are right around the corner and i'm not very good at studying hard, math is a real bummer for me, but so is history,physics and chemistry...you get the idea,right? Anyway, i hope to improve soon. I love shounen manga and recently i have been getting into the horror genre.Though, i think i like the psychological genre more.

  2. #889962015-04-23 21:59:21Taro_Tanako said:

    @Chaotic-loner welcome to The Colo(u)rless! Hope you enjoy it here. Deffo come check out chat.

    Also, if you likes dem animu then check out Gosick. It's got mystery, lolis, a hint of a dark story, but isn't too scurry. Ask around and we'll all give you recommendations though.