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  1. Vampire Holmes - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

    #888062015-04-18 23:37:49Taro_Tanako said:

    Vampire Holmes [DISCUSSION]


    • Main studio: Studio! Cucuri
    • First airing: 4th April 2015
    • Genres: Mystery, Vampire, Supernatural, Comedy, Awful

    So apparently this is an anime adaptation of a smartphone game and I suppose that it figures we shouldn't expect much from this, which is good because it has to be one of THE WORST ANIMES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

    The premise is that Sherlock Holmes, the Great Detective, is an eccentric and oddball hunter of vampires in ye olde Victorian London. Aided by his best friend Hudson(?), he engages in a series of strange investigations. This is all done in a series of 3 minute long shorts, of which there have been 3 released to date.

    You'll notice from the outset just how beautiful the character design is, signalling that the art animation is clearly of a calibre compatible to any KyoAni venture. The OP has such a melodious quality that it will haunt your dreams for minutes to come. It astounds me just how complex and involving the investigative plots are in the scant minutes that follow, and scenes run fast but seamlessly together to conjure a work of short, succinct perfection.

    But seriously, this anime looks like some bullshit piss-taking dōjinshi offering. The art looks like a sub-par Paint.NET project by a bored and talentless child. The character design is painfully worse than anything I've seen on Deviant and the plot is so lazy and non-existent that by the end you're wondering what the fuck even just happened. There are NO VAMPIRES and the only mystery is why you watched it in the first place. The comedy mainly consists of Hudson whining at Holmes and Holmes throwing quips about how lazy he himself is.

    So why should you watch this? Honestly, you probably shouldn't. But then if you fancy a bit of a WTF giggle then it may entertain you with it's awfulness. Possibly the laziest piece of crap ever produced.

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  2. #888082015-04-18 23:55:07olivaisfire1997 said:

    Yeah this one is quite bad. It honestly surprised me something like that was being televised. But I guess it was just a way for the game to make some sort of money. Still, it's hilarious to see this and think "Actual people spent time and money on this." Also, this anime cheats you a lot! For example, here's the intro:

    And here are some images from the show: blacute

    Classy stuff.

  3. #888102015-04-19 03:28:49Frey said:

    I saw this thread and said to myself "Wow, somebody actually watches this?". And then those screen shots. What am I even looking at.