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  1. This Grill is not a Grill [Chorus] AGAIN!!!

    #888902015-04-21 07:24:22 *Wolfangle said:

    So, if any of you got the reference from the title, this is a "proposal" for a chorus. Not an official chorus. But a ""proposal"". See, this "proposal" is mentioned cause i have little editing skill. Even less when it's about audio. "This proposal" needs editors. Specifically these wonderful blank lovies that are blank at the moment


    Second, this "proproproposal" will need singers. Basically you. So yall need to write yo names down b4 this historical moment passes away....nigga

    Singing peps:

    Now b4 yall get butthurt, mah niggas. About this non knowing punk ass chicken eating mo flicka "proposin" a "proposal" with no skills. I SAID "PROPOSAL" like 8 TIMES. THIS IS NOT OFFICAL IF YALL DONT WANT IT

    LastLy, let's decide on a deadline soon c; love yall

    Deadline for .mp3 submissions in (11 days) Please message me with the .mp3 file links when ready~

    The sign says kitchen, but my heart says jail.

    A stove is a stove no matter where you go

    A patty is a patty, that's what I say

    A grill is a grill, this is surely so

    And fries should be fries, either way

    But this grill is not a home

    This is not the stove I know

    I would trade it all away

    If you'd come back to stay

    This kitchens not the same without you

    It's just a grill.

    (It's just a greasy spoon)

    Without you

  2. #889502015-04-22 05:00:50 *Wolfangle said:

    @Dark-B "fuck it". People asked, and i delivered. We'll make it work.

    Deadline for .mp3 files in 2 weeks, btw. Please message me with the .mp3 file links when ready~

  3. #890342015-04-24 19:18:08Wolfangle said:

    Friendly reminder that it's a 1 minute song. Anyone can join. Still waiting for recording files if any of you have done them yet ;V

    plus it's freeeeee

  4. #892872015-05-01 18:46:53 *Wolfangle said:

    So after having little to no internet for a few days (fuck comcast) c; I noticed that 3 little (ill kill you) team members are still missing on the list:




    You do like krabby patties, don't you?

    Anyone is still welcome to join in c; ♥

  5. #894782015-05-05 20:27:23Wolfangle said:


    I've started editing your "talents" after a long week of busy days & more to come. But it's going good so far. Still waiting for @squareof3 's recording & umm... mine .____.

    Really tho, It would sound a lot more classy with more users in on this. You can, add any twist or funny voice to it. It's for fun~

    It's a 1 minute song, bruh

  6. #898742015-05-22 21:59:39Wolfangle said:

    @Dark-B D-Do you really wanna know?

    Well after a vacation in Dubai & now I'm back, in a few days I'll be paid and have enough for a new computer. The one I have now can barely do anything rn. So till then I can resume editing. 2 weeks maybe 3

  7. #976972016-01-18 07:25:22Wolfangle said:

    Alright alright alright, i know i never finished this. But now i sorta have time! Let's try to get this moving again!

    @Squareof3 i still need an mp3 file from you!

    Feel free to still audition!!

  8. #1051752016-07-18 00:38:45Ecstasy said:

    Nah, nothing confirmed and no idea if the vid is going to happen. I just thought I'd at least do the audio for those who submitted.

  9. #1051932016-07-18 11:52:58 *Ecstasy said:

    Alright, I'll be taking over the audio editing for this little project.

    If anyone wants to make some simple video for a one minute song, just let me know and I'll send you the audio when it's done.

    If you want to participate you still can. The deadline is 31st July. mp3 and wav file formats are preferable.

    Pinging possibly interested people @Rinneko, @EvoRulz

    Recordings submitted: