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  1. What are you studying?

    #889132015-04-21 15:22:42 *Rinneko said:

    Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. A good number of CL students are currently in schooling.

    So out of curiosity, what are all of you studying? What subjects are you taking? If you're in tertiary/higher education, what course are you in? If you're an older coughs user, what did you study at your highest qualification?

    As an added bonus, please feel free to share what course and job you are aiming at.

    Now we'll know who to look for when we need help in a certain subject.

  2. #889182015-04-21 15:36:06Rinneko said:

    I take Physics, Chemistry and Economics at a higher level as well as Mathematics at a lower level. I also take Chinese, which is a standard subject.

    ...Did you know that when you search for Physics in anime, all you get is gravity-defying breasts?

  3. #889192015-04-21 15:41:17Kuroba_Loki said:

    Well.. I am currently studying programming...well the more accurate term is studied since Thesis and OJT are all that's left of my curriculum :D

    Then graduation...sweet sweet graduation

  4. #889652015-04-22 16:31:50 *Clever said:

    I'm currently studying engineering and calculus, but I'm considering swapping over to comp sci. I don't really have a specific job in mind but I want to work with robots as a career.

  5. #985672016-02-02 08:06:50EvoRulz said:

    @Clever That's the kind of career i'm aiming for too :D I've been researching some pathways into Robotics Engineering and so far the most promising course i've found is "Mechatronic Engineering" :3 And i'll be checking that out for next year! /owo/

  6. #890652015-04-26 14:43:54Noodle said:

    I'm currently studying Japanese. That's it, lol. It's a private Language School I Japan.

    Starting next year, I'll most likely study Web and Application programming. Also in Japan.

  7. #890882015-04-27 01:02:23King_Deus said:

    Currently completing my diploma in Administrative Information Management.

    One of my last teachers was THE WORST, though.

  8. #897512015-05-16 03:49:06123-456-7890 said:

    Majoring in Graphics Design, minoring in Computer Science. Hoping to do UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design in the future.

  9. #915762015-08-26 20:28:42--Jack-- said:

    CINS - Computer Information Systems. As well as Website building and programming, mostly HTML CSS. Also, on my own, I'm learning more and more about graphic design tools, and stuff involving coding like CSS3, vector graphics, and rendering images with CSS3.

  10. #916792015-08-28 20:21:21AolDunedein said:

    I'm studying Computer Engineering, but i'm thinking of doing something in Business or Social Sciences next. I'm not a practical guy at all, i'm not fit for the way of thinking of a front end engineer :P