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TheColorless Fanfiction

  1. #978612016-01-22 14:34:51 *AshitoKenji said:

    Wrote this today because I got bored.

    Enjoy. Or don't.


    Enami sat staring at the clock, counting the minutes until the bell would ring. A whole ten minutes? Crazy. The sound of her teacher's monotone voice bounced off the walls of the silent classroom, making time seem to move slower than it actually was.

    "Enami!" The teacher yelled, startling Enami and causing her to jump.

    "Y-yes Ms Kip?" Enami stammered.

    "I'm the one speaking to you, not the clock. Pay attention." Kip ordered, and continued her lecture to the rest of the class. Ms Kip, the nastiest teacher in the whole entire school and Enami just had to get put in her class. Everything had to be absolutely perfect for Ms Kip, and the slightest sound could get you a lecture on a good day.

    Enami glanced over to the left where her two best friends sat. BakaHime and AshitoKenji laughed at the bored face Enami was making. She just didn't seem to care about anything and it made the two giggle, resulting in yet another lecture from the teacher. Enami was glad to at least have her two best friends in her class. She took out her phone from her pocket, placing it on her desk where Kip wouldn't be able to see it.

    'Does she ever shut up? I wish the clock were talking instead of her.' She texted AshitoKenji and BakaHime in the group chat they had together. She glanced to the side and noticed the two simultaneously took out their phones, trying to be discreet. They didn't look discreet. 'Is that how obvious I was?' She wondered.

    She heard silent giggles as the message changed from 'sent' to 'seen' and the icon showed that AshitoKenji was typing.

    'Ugh I know right, she reminds me of a cow, and not in the good way where they're all cute and innocent and like 'what the fuck are you doing' hahaha' AshitoKenji sent.

    BakaHime burst into fits of laughter, causing her to get sent out of the classroom with the threat of getting a detention. BakaHime was Kip's favourite so she most likely wouldn't get into any trouble but we all knew that she was in for one hell of a lecture. No one, and I mean no one, should ever laugh in Ms Kip's class.

    'You need to learn to control your laughter,' Enami sent after sharing a knowing look with AshitoKenji.

    Enami's phone buzzed meaning she got a text message from someone else. She closed the group chat and went into her texts, seeing it was from her mum's girlfriend, Gwynn. Gwynn and evii-chii had been dating for seven years, after evii-chii's boyfriend left her with the child she realised that her best friend was the one for her, and so for it has been happily ever after.

    'What would you like for dinner? EvoRulz wont be home so it's up to you' Enami read before going back into the group chat.

    'What should we have for dinner? My brother wont be home so it's up to us.' She asked the others since they were going to be staying over for the night.

    'Tell Gwynn to surprise us, whatever she makes will taste amazing anyway,' AshitoKenji replied.

    'Yeah I think so too,' BakaHime sent.

    'Whaaaaaat BAKA how the heck are you on your phone!?'

    'Look out the window.'

    Enami and AshitoKenji both looked out the window to their left and spotted BakaHime waving from the teacher's blind spot. Most of the classroom could see her and held in their giggles so that Ms Kip wouldn't find out, but AshitoKenji and Enami literally just facepalmed. This girl was crazy AF.

    The girl disappeared from the window and the rest of the class knew that she was heading back to the door so she wouldn't get in trouble, however seconds after there was a loud thud from where BakaHime was hiding. Nobody could hold in their laughter at this, knowing BakaHime had tripped over.

    "Be quiet!" Ms Kip yelled above all the laughter and walked over to take a look outside. "What was that sound?" She asked, confused. "Wait, where is BakaHime?" Immediately she ran across the class to the door, on a mission to catch the culprit. The class knew what was happening and burst out laughing once again.

    The door opened with a loud thud as Kip threw it open, quickly looking around the corner to find BakaHime. What she didn't know, however, was that the rest of the class was quickly helping the girl in through the window. As Farris, Koushiro and EvoRulz pulled BakaHime through the window, Rinneko and Zach kept watch for the teacher, who was now racing around the school screaming in search for her runaway student.

    By now the only thing the rest of the school could hear was the screaming of Ms Kip, "where did you go! I'm going to give you a million detentions for this!" Followed by roars of laughter from the other classrooms, who had a feeling that they knew exactly what was going on. It happened on a weekly basis. You'd think Kip would learn, but apparently not.

    "Teacher coming!" Rinneko called out to the rest of the class quietly, warning them that it was time to stop laughing and get into their assigned seats.

    "I couldn't find her. But when I do, she's gonna get it," Ms Kip groaned, looking around at her students who were unsually attentive. A look of confusion crossed the teacher's face as she continued to eye her students suspiciously.

    That's when it happened, her eyes lay on the student she had been running and trying to find, BakaHime. "W-..H-... What is going on here!?" She bellowed, eyes turning red with fury and steam practically coming out of her ears.

    "Well the door was open so I just let myself in," BakaHime said innocently, giving Ms Kip puppy eyes. Kip sighed, sitting in her chair with her head in her hands, frustrated. These kids were going to drive her crazy one day, she was sure of it.

    The bell rang and BakaHime jumped out of her seat instantaneously, resulting in her hitting her knee on her desk and falling to the floor. "Eh, that was punishment enough for you. Class dismissed." And with that the whole class exited in an orderly fashion, apart from BakaHime who hopped out on one leg, complaining about her sore knee.

    "Finally the end of the day," Enami sighed as she opened her locker, pushing away the first year whose locker was beneath her. 'His locker is beneath me for a reason,' she thought, laughing to herself. "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there," Enami lied, purposely stepping on some of the guy's book that lay on the floor.

    "You are such a bitch sometimes," AshitoKenji came up from behind. "I'm so sorry about her Lycan, I'll bitch slap her later don't worry," he added with a wink to the younger teen, causing Lycan to blush.

    Enami and AshitoKenji then walked off to find BakaHime's locker. "He's not even your type, dumbo." Enami stated, glaring slightly at her friend.

    "Well what can I say, flirting is fun. Plus you shouldn't be so mean to first years!" AshitoKenji scolded, followed quickly by laughter from the two. It was so like Enami to accidentally be mean to people, it was just funny.

    Enami looked up to see BakaHime with her head in her locker, looking for whatever, while a group of people stood around her. "Hey BakaHime! That was so funny what happened in class earlier." Rinneko cheered, causing BakaHime to jump and hit her head on the top of her locker from the unexpected noise. The whole group of people laughed while BakaHime sobbed.

    The group soon dispersed and all that were left were Enami, AshitoKenji and BakaHime, who were walking out the front gates of the school together.

    "Okay! Off to Enami's house!" BakaHime yelled excitedly, throwing her fist into the air like some kind of anime character.

    So that was it hahaha there might be a second chapter if I can be bothered.


    @AshitoKenji, @Enami, @BakaHime, @Koushiro, @Kip, @Zach, @Gwynn, @EvoRulz, @Farris, @Rinneko, @Lycan

  2. #978622016-01-22 14:51:30 *Enami said:

    I LOVE IT!! @AshitoKenji even though i was kinda bitchy lol :'D I'm so lucky i got to be the main character kinda, aaand my luck of this year has ran out ._. Pfft

  3. #979312016-01-23 15:21:01AshitoKenji said:

    Chapter Two:

    Soon after arriving at Enami's home, the trio sat huddled together, shielding their eyes from the gore-y horror scene that was taking place on the screen in front of them. BakaHime screamed, AshitoKenji cried and Enami died. Well, she wished she would just die already because being dead would be better than watching this, she thought.

    Some lady was sitting alone in her house when the doorbell rang at almost 3am. She got up to answer the door. "No! Don't open the door he's going to kill you!" BakaHime yelled, then quickly proceeded to shield her eyes from the screen as blood splattered and heavy music played. Like, the music was so heavy that it seriously needed to go on a diet. But hey don't body shame, music can be skinny or heavy, it doesn't matter!

    AshitoKenji was still hidden behind the blanket, crying his eyes out. The other two laughed at him, finding it the funniest thing ever that the only guy among them was the most scared.

    "Don't laugh at me!" He cried, buried in blankets. This only made them laugh more, the bitches. Enami grabbed a nearby pillow and started whacking AshitoKenji over the head with it.

    "Grow a pair already! Man up!" She screamed in his ear.

    "Enami noo!! Stop, it hurts!" AshitoKenji continued to cry out, trying (and failing miserably) to block Enami's attacks. Meanwhile BakaHime rolled over clutching her stomach that was hurting from laughing so much. Tears even started forming in her eyes from laughing too hard. "BakaHime help me!"

    They were all brought back to their senses by another scream from the tv as they all looked back over to see a deformed face right up against the camera. They all screamed and ran out of the room, taking cover in EvoRulz' room.

    "Wait, why are we in your brother's room?" BakaHime asked suddenly, causing the three the look at each other in confusion. They stood in EvoRulz' room for five whole minutes, deep in thought, wondering why they had run in there and not Enami's room.

    "Let's just say that it's because this room is closer," Enami finally decided.

    There was a second of silence. ".. But it's not even clos-" AshitoKenji was cut off.

    "Sh. It's closer."


    "ASHITOKENJI, it's closer, is it not?"

    "Oh yeah way closer like oh my gosh my feet are thanking Jesus from the less steps that we took to get here, it's so much closer. We are saving the planet with this, less energy we used getting here, the less we'll eat and the more we can recycle. Birds stopped flying at the realisation that this room is so much closer and have already started flying North for the Winter instead of South."



    "Let's just go eat dinner," BakaHime decided.

    "Yeah.." Enami agreed.

    The two left the room, leaving AshitoKenji there to reconsider his life choices.

    Enami sat on the end of the table while BakaHime and AshitoKenji sat across from each other.

    "Who's ready to eat?" Gwynn called as she walked into the room holding home made pizzas that smelt absolutely amazing.

    "Thanks so much!" BakaHime and AshitoKenji chimed, already stuffing their faces with food.

    "Thanks mum. When's other mum getting home?" Enami asked.

    "Should be home in a few hours," Gwynn informed with a huge smile on her face. She was obviously happy that her lovely evii-chii would be home, though she despised the wait. Gwynn was happy that she even had some people to cook for, it was something she loved doing especially since everyone seemed to love whatever she cooked. It made her the happiest woman alive.

    "It tastes AMAZING!" BakaHime announced, choking a bit on some pizza she failed to chew properly.

    "Please don't die!" Gwynn joked. "Anyway I'm off to go and read, play nice you three," she added with a giggle.

    "Bye bye Ms Gwynn!"

    "We will, have a good night!"

    And with that the three were left to their own devices once again.

    "Okay what now?" Enami asked.

    "Romance movie! Chick flick! Whoo!" AshitoKenji called out excitedly.

    "You're so gay." BakaHime stated, laughing.

    "Eh fuck you."

    "Chick flick it is then!" Enami laughed, and AshitoKenji cheered happily, immediately running to the other room to set up. He already had the perfect movie in mind that would probably leave them all in tears. It was great.

    As the other two arrived in the living room, however, there came a knock at the door.

    "It's almost 11pm, who could that be!?" Enami whisper-shouted, eyeing the other two.

    "Don't open it, it's gonna be a killer like in the movie!" AshitoKenji cried quietly.

    BakaHime was already walking over to the window to take a look out and check who it was. That's when she saw it.

    "Why.... what is SHE doing here.." BakaHime choked out in pure shock, not believing her eyes. "It can't be.."

    "I-is it a killer!? Are we gonna die!?" AshitoKenji cried out, slightly louder than before. "Tell my mother I love her! And then quickly delete my internet history before anyone else can see. Oh and get rid of the magazines hidden under my mattress. Also tell my mum that it was me who forgot to feed the dog not my brother. Oh and also tell my brother that just because I'm dead does not give him the right to go through my stuff..."

    BakaHime shot a glare at the scared teen, "shut up and come take a look, idiot!"

    There were more knocks at the door and Enami and AshitoKenji tiptoed over to the window where BakaHime was discreetly watching. They both let out a gasp at what they saw.

    "Oh no... the cow is here! WHY IS THE COW AT MY HOUSE!?" Enami panicked in a hushed tone, actually fearing for her life now. She took out her phone and started dialing a number.

    "Are you calling the cops? Please tell me you're calling the cops!" BakaHime asked quickly, looking over Enami's shoulder to see what she was doing.

    "No you idiot I'm calling my mum, we can't cross over to the other room without the cow seeing us," she explained as she pressed her phone against her ear.


    "Mum the cow is at the door, please come answer it!"

    "Why can't you?"

    "BECAUSE IT'S THE COW, MUM! Don't make me do it, please!" Enami begged over the phone, practically praying for her mum to come.

    Then she heard the door start opening and chatter coming from its general direction. The trio froze, wide eyes. 'She just let herself in?' They all thought, quickly jumping behind the couch away from view. There was a beep sound from the phone meaning Gwynn had hung up, how rude!

    The three friends looked over at the door to see that the cow hadn't actually just let herself in, and that Enami's mum evii-chii had arrived home early and let her in.

    "So, what brings you here Ms Kip?" evii-chii asked, it was obvious to the teens that she wasn't fond of the elder woman, but had to act like it nonetheless.

    "Well actually I wanted to speak to you about your daughter, Enami. Apparently she has been bullying some of the younger students, rather unfortunately." Kip explained with a croaky old voice.

    "I told you to stop being a bitch!" AshitoKenji scolded, not loud enough for the adults to hear though.

    "I wouldn't believe that for a second. My Enami was bullying someone?" evii-chii asked, bewildered by the assumption.

    "Well I'm not quite 100% sure yet, that's why I thought I'd come here to find out first," the older woman explained.

    "Enami! I know you're behind the couch, come over here please." BakaHime and AshitoKenji stared at Enami, waiting for her to get up. "All of you." They gulped, slowly standing hey.

    "Heeeyyy, cow- I mean Ms Kip," BakaHime was the first to greet their teacher.

    "Is it true? Were you bullying the younger students? Specifically first year Lycan." Ms Kip cut right to the chase, wanting to get home as soon as possible. This could have waited for another school day but Kip liked to get anything and everything done early, including this. It was known by no one why she didn't just call, though.

    "I didn't see him there and accidentally knocked him out of the way," Enami lied directly to Ms Kip with a straight face. That was hard to do and the other two couldn't believe it, but had to maintain their composure otherwise Enami would be found out.

    "I was told that you stepped on his books, is that true?"

    "Again, I didn't see him or his books there. I apologized afterwards though." Enami lied through her teeth even more. It was crazy how well she could lie, and to be honest BakaHime and AshitoKenji were scared that she lied to them all the time without them knowing of it.

    "Okay that is all. Goodbye." And then, out of nowhere, for whatever reason.. Kip turned around and started sprinting off into the darkness.


    Then BakaHime burst into laughter, soon followed by everyone else.

    "That was-hahahaha- the weirdest thing-hahahahhaha- I've ever seen" BakaHime said between laughs, and the other's could barely breathe they were laughing so hard.

    "I hope I never have to see her run ever again, that shit was HORRIFYING!" Evii-chii admitted, tearing rolling from her eyes.

    By now the others were already on the floor clutching their stomachs, and EvoRulz (who had just gotten home) and Gwynn walked into the room thinking "what the fuck" before sharing a knowing glance with one another. They decided 'what the heck' and started laughing along with them, it was kind of hard not to.

    And then, just as this chapter was about to end, EvoRulz had the sudden urge to defenestrate, and as such threw BakaHime through the window, breaking it in the process.

    Oh well.



    @AshitoKenji, @Enami, @BakaHime, @Gwynn, @Kip, @evii-chii, @EvoRulz, @Lycan

  4. #979422016-01-23 18:13:57 *Enami said:

    Amazing! i'm absolutely loving this! and the lying scene was pretty great because it reminded me of a similar moment before, not that i'm good at lying but i can be pretty convincing when it comes to feigning innocense to teachers and the like since i have a good reputation to support my words nyahahaha x)

  5. #1063752016-08-22 09:50:45AshitoKenji said:

    So I started writing this heaps long ago and just finally got around to finishing it and editing it. Read with some sad music playing or something because it's supposed to be sad. Enjoy!

    IN THIS CHAPTER: @AshitoKenji @BakaHime @Enami @EvoRulz @Farris @Gwynn @Kirn @Koushiro @Lieutenant

    New Years Eve. Wasn't it supposed to be a fun day? Full of laughter and joy? Well, unfortunately for us, today wasn't like that at all. We were all standing around the water, watching the view of the city below us. The waterfall crashed down next to us and Farris even tried jumping in, until we smacked him across the face a few times telling him that it was a stupid idea. BakaHime jumped and played, exploring the area with EvoRulz and Koushiro by her side. They were trying to uncover some mystery that they had made up. They were hopeless. Obviously they wouldn't figure it out, it wasn't real! Gwynn was acting like the motherly figure that she was and had already started setting up our picnic. She had cooked all of the food herself. Gwynn was amazing in the kitchen. Off to the side Lieutenant and Kirn were sitting on a bench chair. It kind of looked as if they were looking down on the rest of the city. Knowing them, they probably were. Enami was still scolding Farris by the rushing water, but soon after they both started helping Gwynn set up the food. I was enjoying myself just by watching the others have a good time, that's all that I needed. A few hours later we were all sat around eating and laughing. The sun was setting, engulfing the city in pretty shades of pinks and oranges. I loved sunsets, they made me feel so relaxed.

    All of us were quite the crazy crew, most people would wonder how we ended up all together as friends. Well, the reason for that could easily be explained with one name: BakaHime. It was her, the playful idiot that somehow managed to find all of us and bring us together. The thing is, we all had some kind of tragic part of our lives that held us back and stopped us from being happy. BakaHime saved all of us from that part of our lives.

    "Ashi stop daydreaming and start eating, you silly," Gwynn giggled, throwing a piece of bread at me to break me out of my thoughts.

    "With BakaHime around you better eat fast or there will be nothing left!" Enami joked, and we all laughed. Well, all of us except for BakaHime, who just stuffed her face even more.

    "You seem zoned out today Ashito, what's wrong?" Lieutenant asked, seemingly concerned. How could she tell? I had a pretty bad feeling about today, but just couldn't quite put my finger on it.

    "Just upset that I didn't bring a telescope. Could have spied on so many cute boys from up here." Once again everybody laughed, but it all felt fake, even though I knew this wasn't a dream.

    "You don't need a telescope, there's a cute boy right here!" EvoRulz exclaimed, causing once more for laughter to fill my ears.

    "Not my type." I stated blatantly.

    We all continued eating until soon enough there was nothing left, and the sun was no longer visible. All the vibrant pinks and warm oranges had disappeared and were replaced with the moonlight dark sky, stars scattered all across. I didn't quite enjoy the night sky as much as a nice sunset, though. Kirn walked over to his car and grabbed out a bunch of party poppers and sparklers.

    "It's almost time, guys!" He called out, and everyone gathered around the edge of the cliff so we could all watch over the city as we continued to the next year.

    "Only one minute left!" Koushiro shouted, already ready to light his sparkler and party.

    "Guys I just want to say something quicky!" Gwynn started. "Okay so, I just want to say that I hope that we all can have so many fun times like today in the year to come. I love you all so much and couldn't imagine a life without you."

    "3... 2... 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!" We all called out together, as we pulled our party poppers and lit our sparklers.

    That's when it happened. The moment that I would never be able to forget for the rest of my life. The world slowed down, the breeze of the wind halted. The shining stars, illuminating the whole world with their sparkle... faded.

    "Ahhhh!" BakaHime screached, and all eyes were immediately on the falling body, plunging towards the ground beneath her at a deahtly speed. She had slipped and fallen off the cliff.

    "Baka!" We called out, completely shocked. Her body fell in slow motion, her eyes locked with mine for a split second and at that moment I realised that there was absolutely no way anyone could survive that fall. Her body somehow managed to hit the water, but from this height there was still no way that she could have survived.

    "We have to do something!" Enami called out, and we all began our run down to the water where BakaHime had hit.

    All of us searched and called out for her, we still had hope that she would jump out saying "gotcha, I'm fine!" or "woah that was super scary" in her innocently stupid way. But we all knew that we wouldn't find her. That didn't stop us, though. For hours we searched, holding onto the small hope that we had left. For some reason none of us thought to even call an ambulance or the police, I guess it was the shock. Or maybe none of us wanted to waste time calling anyone when we could have been searching ourselves.

    "BakaHime!" I heard EvoRulz call out from the distance.

    "BakaHime where are you!?" Koushiro called.

    "BakaHime stop playing around this isn't funny anymore!" Gwynn cried out.

    "BakaHime...?" Enami sobbed.

    "BAKAHIME!" I screamed out into the air, hoping that somehow if I screamed loud enough she would come back.

    And then everything went silent for a little while. All the trees stopped moving and even the river had stilled. BakaHime was dead.. and we all knew it now. I started to hear the small sobs coming around as everyone slowly made their way, forming our little group. We were all crying now, mourning the loss of one of our best friends. The idiot, leave it to her to get herself killed.

    BakaHime, the one girl who brought all of us together. The one who single handedly helped each and every one of us get through the toughest times in our lives. She was gone.

    I fell to my knees as my legs couldn't carry me any longer. I was exhausted, we all were. I looked around at everyone's pained faces, and realised that someone else was missing.

    "Where's Kirn?" I asked between my sobs, and the others looked up and glanced around.

    "He's probably still searching, the idiot. I'll go look for him." Lieu paused for a moment before continuing, a tear streaking down her cheek, "he was quite fond of the little fool."

    And with that Lieu walked away, and we didn't see her or Kirn for the rest of the night. We all ended up going to Gwynn's house for the night so we could comfort each other and mourn together.

    That's how our new year started.

    ya ok bye