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  1. CL's Most Touching Anime Scene!

    #892762015-05-01 17:25:58 *Quintessential said:

    Most touching Anime Scene

    Y'all know how sometimes, an anime moment is so incredibly touching? So deep and amazing that you can literally feel it licking your heart? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

    Greatly inspired by The CL Great Mad Scientist Challange that was held before I signed up, I decided I would try to pull off something similar, but only this time, with anime scenes.

    It can be anything, from comedy, all the way to drama! Something that personally touched your heart and made you want to wipe tears away from your eyes(Whether it be tears of happiness or sadness), or something that just made you laugh and brightened up your day! Be sure thats safe for work though!

    A total of 30 scenes will be selected to take place in the competition, and the most touching scene will be selected through a process of elimination throughout the entirety of the competition. Nominations will be posted below.


    1. Each member can only nominate 2 scenes, the most nominated scenes are the ones that will take place in the contest.

    2. Although you can only nominate 2 scenes, you can vote for up to five! And it goes without saying that when nominating a scene, one of your votes are counted. So you'll only have 4 or 3 votes left.

    3. The nominated scenes must be appropriate (That means no NSFW kids!)

    4. When nominating a scene, make sure to clearly state what anime it is from, and said scene under that.

    5. Try and be serious about your nominations, have fun, and don't be a killjoy <3

    6. And last but not least, I'd like to remind you all that this is only a nomination thread, so the scenes you vote for are the scenes that are being selected to be placed in the contest, and not the actual contest.

  2. #892772015-05-01 17:26:20 *Quintessential said:


    1. Space Brothers Hibito Rescued by Brian Suggested by @Frey (2 votes)

    2. FMA:B Maes Hughes Funeral Suggested by @LadyS (2 votes)

    3. Toradora Taiga vs. Sumire Suggested by @Kip (1 vote)

    4. FMA:B Edwards Last Transmutation. Suggested by @Dark-B (1 vote)

    5. Anohana Menmas Last Scene Suggested by @olivaisfire1997 (1 vote)

    6. Angel Beats Saying Goodbye Suggested by @Taro_Tanako (1 vote)

    7. One Piece Ace's Death Suggested by @Ecstasy (1 vote)

    8. Bleach Gin Ichimaru Death Scene Suggested by @Ecstasy ( 1 vote) (This was the only thing I could find that was understandable to english speakers, if you find a better scene, please tell me)

    9. FMA:B Nina's Death Suggested by @Trev (1 vote)

    10. Fruits Basket The ending scene Suggested by @Rinneko (1 vote) (From the beginning of the episode to minute 8:09)

    11. FMA:B Edward and Alphonse try and bring their mother back, only for it to rebound. Suggested by @Dark-B (1 vote)

    12. Haikyuu Clearing The Path For the Ace Suggested by @Kip (1 vote)

    13. Fate/Stay Night Illya's Death Suggested by @Rinneko (1 vote)

    14. Wolfs Rains Toboes and Pops Death Suggested by @Taro_Tanako (1 vote)

    15. Clanned Tomoya Realizing His Faults/Accepting Ushio Suggested by @Teil (1 vote)
      (Actual scene starts ate 1:38)

    16. Code Geass R2 Lelouch's death Suggested by @Akidzuki (2 votes)

    17. Hunter x Hunter Meruem's and Komugi's death Suggested by @Akidzuki (1 vote)

  3. #892792015-05-01 17:58:38Dark-B said:

    Edward and Alphonse performing taboo to restore their mother only to fail miserably.

    Edward sacrificing his ability to perform alchemy for his brother's body back.

  4. #892842015-05-01 18:16:10Kip said:


  5. #892862015-05-01 18:41:14Kip said:

    I have so many more scenes i want to post but i can only pick 1 more omfg. this is gonna be hard. lol

  6. #892882015-05-01 19:14:56 *Lunch said:

    I'm a bit scared that I might spoil myself here while browsing some of the scenes. :(

    And nobody wants to eat a spoiled lunch, right?... RIGHT?? okay D:

  7. #893102015-05-02 00:58:59 *Ecstasy said:

    Episode 483 - One Piece, major spoiler Ace's death. Still can't get over it.

    Episode 308 - Bleach, another major spoiler Gin's death. The complete change of the character made the scene really powerful imo. And the damn soundtrack, that damn soundtrack.

    I was really thinking to nominate Trigun Ep 23 or Hellsing OVA IX, but I'll have to hope somebody else will do it because nobody will nominate Bleach if I don't, lol.

  8. #893132015-05-02 04:03:59 *Rinneko said:

    Call me a sap, or perhaps I was still pretty naive when I first watched this. To date, the ending scene of Fruits Basket is one of the few scenes that has made me tear up.

    I couldn't find the cut out scene, but it's basically from the beginning of the episode up to 8:09. Excuse the dub, I couldn't find any subs.

  9. #894322015-05-04 21:21:24Kip said:


    @Taro_Tanako related, the English VAing for this was really fucking good. like it's one of the only anime i'll watch in English and actually not laugh at the voices.


  10. #896772015-05-12 01:36:51Teil said:

    Alrighty my turn to contribute. Heavy spoilers for Clannad, you have been warned~

    Clannad - Tomoya Realizing His Faults/Accepting Ushio

    Actual scene starts at 1:38