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[CL Chorus] Your Feels in April ***COMPLETE**** [Hikaru Nara]

  1. #907342015-07-08 04:48:56Momimochi said:

    Ahh, the video's still underway. It's a good 70% there so dw about it lol.

    I've been basically crunching work and a bunch of cosplay stuff and exams since the last update...
    And then family decided to renovate house :V

    But yeah. Project's still going. I am one man powering through this no worries.

  2. #907972015-07-14 19:08:13Momimochi said:


    You guys' video was done last night.
    And then adobe decided to crash in the middle of rendering and I didn't save whatever progress I made on it last night either so ggwp it clearly didn't want us to have the finish product.

  3. #908872015-07-23 08:24:31Rinneko said:


    Props to Momi, and all the singers! \o/ And oh my, all the feels when the KimiUso montage popped up halfway through.