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  1. Kekkai Sensen Anime Discussion

    #896162015-05-09 18:03:33 *Dark-B said:

    AKA: Best anime of the season.

    A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from other dimensions in an impenetrable bubble. They've lived together for years, in a world of crazy crime sci-fi sensibilities. Now someone is threatening to sever the bubble, and a group of stylish superhumans is working to keep it from happening.

    The Synopsis is nice and all, but this show is so random and entertaining and sometimes i don't know what is going on. It also has that similar drrr or baccano feel, where everything is shifting in dynamic between a lot of characters that keep popping up, seriously, it's definitely one if not the best anime of this season so far for me.

    plus, animation is well done, especially in needed scenes.

  2. #896252015-05-10 02:53:27 *Frey said:

    My favorite animators are in it. I wouldn't say it's AOTS, given that the season isn't done yet. There are still a number of good anime and who knows what will surprise me. But I do believe this and Shokugeki no Souma are the best shonen anime that has no established reputation this season SO FAR. (Yes, I'm not counting F/SN) But what can you do? Yutapon.

    It's pretty much a mid-level MC who will save the world through friendship, using MC-powers as plot device-- the anime, much like ToaruIndex but with over the top animation and chill music, we'll see how it will unfold.

    And, I still can't feel the Baccano feel some of you guys are talking about. At least, not yet...maybe? If anything, I feel like it's closer to KLK with a different showcase of animation style.

  3. #896262015-05-10 03:06:36Dark-B said:

    It's pretty much a mid-level MC who will save the world through friendship, using MC-powers as plot device

    I cant' say I agree with that, so far nothing about friendship ever came up. In fact, they don't even explain half of what's going on, everything is just happening and I think it's funner that way.

    Also, Leo's abilities are used as plot-device, but his powers definitely haven't served in the fighting area as we have a lot of fighters so far in Libra nor did it really relate to friendship and all.

  4. #896782015-05-12 01:44:11Teil said:

    In terms of raw enjoyment, Kekkai Sensen is at the top of my list this season. The animation is stellar, the fight scenes kick ass, and the whole feeling of the show leaves me wanting more. And don't even get me started on that soundtrack, especially the ED. It's got a lot of good things going for it and although it's my personal favourite among the Spring shows, the way it is now it isn't quite yet AOTS but it certainly is close to the top. Not much else to say. White x Leo all the way. Chain is best grill. Chain

  5. #896902015-05-12 06:25:08reki said:

    AoTS for me and easily my favorite of the year so far.

    I really like how they handled episode 6 especially because it deals with a very sensitive issue. Usually anime tends to limit itself to showing outright discrimination-- as in in-your-face discrimination where antagonistic figures are clearly the offenders. Here, we get to see Zapp and even White who are painted as "good" to be showing an internalized sort of dismissal towards Beyondians. The show actually cares enough to write its message in a way that can be applied in "real-world" scenarios in which the Beyondians aren't enslaved (a common take on racism in sci-fi), but are seen as "different", not allowed to buy certain foods, and are blamed for things that are out of their control.

    Idk. Tbh, I expected a lot less from this episode but I ended up really, really liking it.

  6. #896912015-05-12 09:18:38Dark-B said:

    I need a full version or something of that ending ASAP.

    Also, I really hope the show isn't 12 episodes it seems like such a waste, they literally can go a long way with the show since I still don't know what is going on majorly, everything just happens I guess.

  7. #896932015-05-12 10:16:09reki said:

    Well, the series seems to be doing well in polls and I just heard that the DVDs and BDs are selling like hotcakes. Best case scenario is we get a season 2, but that's also partially dependent on the manga content.

    What I really enjoy about Kekkai Sensen, despite it being sort of episodic in nature, is how thematically cohesive it is. No episode seems out of place and you get a sense of world-building in each one. I enjoy how outlandish it is and how it does this weird thing where it gives a character one moment to shine and you end up loving them all the same. It's pretty awesome so far.

  8. #896982015-05-12 14:36:15 *Frey said:

    There's a rumor going that this is going to be a split cour. So we might see the Klaus/Scarface (Iceman, forgot the name) flashback.

  9. #899352015-05-26 01:54:00 *Teil said:


    Edit to avoid double posting

    The King of Despair has one of the dirtiest villain smiles I've ever seen. I freaking love it. Dirt

  10. #910582015-08-06 07:18:57Dist said:

    All I heard about the ending is that it's going to be longer than the average episode but idk about a release date?

    Does anyone know?