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Parent: Is Living Alone Really That Terrible?

  1. #896582015-05-11 07:09:51Candytenshi said:

    If this has something to do with being single all the way until your death, it can be bad. And living alone until you die also sounds terrible. Especially when you're old and wrinkly and need help when doing certain things.

    But back to being alone/single for the rest of your life, it's a matter of choice. And you can't really tell right now if you will enjoy being alone or single until you die. You will just have to know as you go along as your feelings about it will change. If anybody wants to steer away from the conventional pattern: get a girlfriend/boyfriend, get married, have kids, grow old together and die--then I honestly have nothing against that. Their life, their choice and if it makes them happy, then sure.