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    #898892015-05-24 13:03:01 *Lunch said:


    If he sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed!? An original anime series from the noitaminA block, Punchline centers on Yuuta Iridatsu, a high school student, with a peculiar habit. When he sees a girl's panties, he gets so excited he gets super powered! After a certain incident, his soul gets separated from his body. Using his spiritual powers, Yuuta watches the daily lives of the inhabitants of his apartment as he tries to prevent a meteor to hit the earth!.. or is it? -MAL (modified)

    From the Director of the game 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

    and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

    Koutarou Uchikochi tries to write an anime original series called Punch Line. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's gonna be a game for Punch Line in the future.



    Obviously ED >> OP.

    Should I put NSFW?

  2. #898902015-05-24 13:03:11 *Lunch said:

    So what is known so far.

    Here's an image of what has transpired as of episode 9. I'll try and keep myself updated on this. This can also serve as an episode guide for those who are looking for more clues inside an episode. Note that time here is the actual time, not the air time.

    Now here's the image for the car accident body relocation for the Yuber trio.


  3. #898912015-05-24 13:10:23 *Lunch said:

    I'll start a speculation by saying that Muhi the fucking bear, has the fucking professors spirit. How? Notice how it always clings on Meiko and how it protected her from Turtle Man (Episode 3)

    And I think this part is obvious but Yuber trio's "guardians", or at least Yuuta/Pine with Akina and Mikatan/Chiyoko with Meika, are probably involved in this too. So maybe Tsuboshi Qmay is to ???(Teraoka?)/Guriko?

    A more common speculation is that Yuuta goes back in time to possess Rabura and wrote "something" probably some kind of master plan/blue print/his phone memo to somebody, probably to Tenga to make Meika, or to Ishigata. My money is on Tenga though.

    Also at December 26. first timeline, Meika appears to have red eyes while in Yuuta's room, which means she was possessed by something or someone not Yuuta.

  4. #899752015-05-28 15:41:34Frey said:

    Punch Line spoilers are out! And it seems like one of the VAs cried while reading the scripts. IDK why though.

  5. #899902015-05-29 03:52:18 *Lunch said:

    Pretty uneventful episode. Other than some revelation of the fax machine, 3 future premonissions and of Rabura's brother. Updated the timeline image.

  6. #901082015-06-05 12:02:00Lunch said:

    I...have no idea. But the ending will prove at least one thing: Chiranosuke's allegiance to humanity. If we think of Chira as an ally, then we are seeing a bad end by the end of the anime and Punchline the game will give us the "True End". Otherwise, if we see a good end by the end of the anime, then Chira's an evil cat person, probably Teraoka idk, he's in the credits despite being Guri deceiving 6 BILLION Yutas (or just our Yuta because he probably lied), and the game will probably revolve around something else.