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  1. Villainous Smiles

    #900152015-05-31 03:05:09 *Teil said:

    Throughout various forms of stories, animations, art, etc...we encounter many different types of villains. There are hundreds of ways to categorize villains, as each of them tends to define themselves through one central aspect of evil. But how pray tell, can one judge the quality of a villainous mind? Why, through their smile of course! A cold, calculated, and content smile brimming with sin is always a sight to behold! A smile evil enough to give us goosebumps, one that shows us that everything is just the way the villain wants it to be. You can't help but come to love a character like this, and I'd like to think we all know of at least one villain that can pull one of these off.

    Now, enough of the intro B.S. Simply put, post villainous smiles. There are no restrictions as to the source content of the character, provided the picture isn't nsfw. Anime, movies, television, books containing pictures, hell even art! Anything is fair game in this thread! Have fun with it, show off your favourite villains doing what they do best.

    To start the thread off, here's a screen-cap I took earlier that gave me the idea for the thread in the first place. Although Kekkai Sensen is fairly new to me, the King of Despair just has a straight up, killer smile that I can't help but love. KoD And a more personal one, Kumagawa Misogi from Medaka Box - one of my favourite antagonists to date. KM