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  1. Need help looking for a book

    #900612015-06-03 02:34:54Clever said:

    Yo guys.

    My friend asked me to help her look for a book, and the thing is she doesn't know the title. BUT we do have a slight plot summary.

    Here's what she said: So there’s this book, and I’m fairly certain it’s called are you there and it’s about this kid who helps his elderly neighbor with groceries and the like and his friend falls in love with one of their teachers and then they cover the school in fliers about Somthing, anyway it’s a good book but I can’t find it

    We also know that the hardcover copy has a pretty light blue cover.

    I've been looking pretty hard for a few days now, so help you guys could offer is greatly appreciated. Thaaaaaank ya muchly.

  2. #900802015-06-04 18:31:00Clever said:

    It was young adult. It wasn't nearly as depressing as that :/ but anyway, thanks for the help! I'm throwing the towel in on this one though.

  3. #903482015-06-15 22:11:13Josh_The_Mech said:

    as someone who has served a full time mission, i have to invite you to read the book of mormon, its really good it has lots of war and lots of little things that ou can use to burn your friends :3