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  1. TheColorLess App Project

    #901332015-06-06 21:21:10 *Tutu said:

    So, I want to do a colorless app just for the heck of it. This thread is using to recruit people to help out and discussed ideas. Though more detail level will be discussed in github instead. If you want to get involved, just say the word. I have link the github repo. But you need to tell me so i can add you as collaborator.

    Github repo


    The people

    Who do I contact if I want to join

    Please talk to 123-456-7890 for more information. He is around here usually or in chat.

  2. #901342015-06-06 21:36:49Kip said:

    There is already a thread for TheColorless App app. For convenience it would be ideal to rename the thread to something more accurate to your description, including the word "Project", and so that it doesn't get confused with the former thread.

    Also, please add tags next time you create a thread. I have added them for you this time.

  3. #931382015-10-28 14:35:14TrueIzaya said:

    I cant wait for the ios version. even if it'll be a bit of a wait. What im curious about is the Private messages feature. is it a different kind of script or something that makes it hard to program

  4. #931402015-10-28 15:04:56Tutu said:

    hm , it is because the website it self do not have this feature, so we have to find out a way to make it work without involve the website. Im still not sure how to deal with this yet

  5. #931522015-10-29 02:46:19Fenress said:

    I signed up on this site mainly for this. I really wish I could help.

    Is there a list of roles which you need someone to fill in?

  6. #939082015-11-13 05:25:13 *EvoRulz said:

    If this is going to be on IOS is there a way to make it compatible with older OS? many things these days require IOS 7 or later, it's frustrating to say the least.

    (some apps have an option to download an earlier version)

  7. #939722015-11-14 09:46:03Koushiro said:

    Wow this looks cool. I wanted to help, but i just joined this site about 10minutes ago, well I know Html and a bit css but i use css on Dreamweaver, is there any positions i can help with?