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  1. ARK: Survival Evolved

    #901442015-06-07 07:33:14Lycan said:

    I have been playing ARK for a few days now. It is a multiplayer survival and/or PvP game. So far there is only one map, but it is big. You start the game as a next-to-naked human on the beach of a tropical island and have to make do with whatever you find in your immediate surrounding. Oh and did I mention? The island is filled with dinosaurs and other extinct animals. I could describe the game as kind of a minecraft-ish build/survival game in graphics on around the same level as skyrim?



    It's still in its "early access" stage and I read that the finished version of the game will be released in about a year. But even though there are some graphical and other bugs and the game is not yet fully optimized-- it's very entertaining. My hope with this thread is to make a CL server, where we all join together in a so-called Tribe and tackle the game together. Building villages, taming and/or fighting dinosaurs, exploring and running for your life from crocodiles are a few examples of things this game has to offer.

  2. #901462015-06-07 07:37:28 *Farris said:

    Sounds bloody fantastic! Can't wait to get my new computer, I'll have to try this :D

    EDIT 09.12.2017: Nope. just nope.

  3. #922882015-09-27 21:24:21Lycan said:

    My brother has now bought a server. If anyone has the game and want to play together, just send me a PM or tag me and I'll get you in!

  4. #923332015-09-29 12:18:48Lycan said:

    The Colorless Tribe has laid claim on an island and have established a base, although the main structure is yet to be completed. After dying roughly twenty times altogether, the two members have successfully tamed a fair number of hebrivores. Now the real game begins; will they be able to protect themselves and their lovingly named pets from the numerous carnivores on the little island?

  5. #924092015-10-02 16:59:11Lycan said:

    Sadly, both Trev and the raptor I am riding in this picture ( his name was Rob) are no longer with us. Trev was just a lousy parasaurus while Rob was my favorite child. I avenged both of them, and went on a blind taming spree, adding numeral tonnes of creatures to our tribe. Nothing can fill the hole, though.