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  1. The Colorless Bi-Weekly Karaoke Thread

    #901572015-06-08 03:04:05 *MrTingles said:

    That's right, my dears, the Colorless Bi-Weekly Karaoke Thread is finally here!

    Our first session will be on Saturday, June 19th at 0300 GMT hosted on a Skype group run by myself and Momi. If you wish to join, let either Momi or I know.

    @Momimochi is our other host, so in case I cannot host, she will be in charge. She's far better at this music stuff anyway.

    At any rate...


  2. #901592015-06-08 03:10:59Frey said:

    Do we need to set-up a theme every time? Or we can go all weeb in a session in a very random manner?

  3. #901612015-06-08 03:13:41ZetKnight said:

    I agree with this idea, however I think it should be done on the weekends, I think a GMT 6-8pm maybe? it depends on the people. I still agree.

  4. #901642015-06-08 03:51:03Momimochi said:

    Wouldn't 3AM-7AM GMT be normally accepted.
    This is based on the rough estimate that majority of the user base is pretty much located in North America.

  5. #902002015-06-10 03:58:59Momimochi said:

    Fri/Sat generally best times, yeah.

    I think most people have skype so there's that as well Also there could be a weeb-off with cams imjustsayin'hue.
    No tinychat, though. The quality of everything's too shit there.

  6. #902492015-06-10 17:21:43olivaisfire1997 said:

    Wow, this seems so fun! Gee I can't wait!!! (Looks at the time it will be done) Gotta love that London time! Well, have fun with it, love seeing these things happen!

  7. #903122015-06-14 14:54:05olivaisfire1997 said:

    Ummm... @Taro_Tanako Actually, no I won't do it, if what I wrote isn't proof enough... Not only it's abnormally late for me to start singing in a house with other people in it, but I also have to sleep at a normal time because I have to prepare for my exams... So yeah, you... i-i-imbecile.

  8. #902922015-06-13 02:56:42MrTingles said:

    The time for our first event is in the opening post! But in case you're too lazy to check it out, it's gonna be on Saturday, June 19th at 0300 GMT, hosted on Skype!

  9. #902932015-06-13 03:09:43 *Momimochi said:

    Alright guys, so, let's put some systematic thing into place


    If you want to join Karaoke Night, please make sure that either @SirTingles or I have your Skype account name.

    Every Karaoke Night will be held on Saturday, 03:00/3AM GMT.
    For reference:
    PST: 20:00/8:00PM
    EST: 23:00/11:00PM

    If you have any problems with the time, feel free to suggest times but take into consideration that both the hosts are North Americans (hue) and that it probably applies to like, half of the userbase anyhow.