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  1. #903352015-06-15 17:00:30Rinneko said:

    I use the chatroom first, then the frontpage (bumped/recent). I scroll through users' profiles, too, and occassionally use the PM system. :')

  2. #903382015-06-15 17:23:16Tutu said:

    Please, the more information you give, the better the design will be for you , the users. So give it :)

  3. #903412015-06-15 18:34:36 *Farris said:

    Btw, previewing replies with a mobile has some problems atm... At least for me, it's hard to exit preview due to the preview popping up over half the screen leaving only a few mm to click on....

  4. #903682015-06-16 14:31:11Rinneko said:

    What Farris said. It covers my entire screen, though, so I have to refresh in order to get out. In the process of doing so, I lose everything I typed out.

  5. #904142015-06-19 04:50:42Zephyr said:

    Mainly Chat then bumped/recent thread (sometimes popular).. and if ever i feel like it I make new useless threads lol.

  6. #905712015-06-26 19:47:32Taro_Tanako said:

    Chat mostly. Used to read through the threads a lot more but there's not often anything I seriously care for recently. We should all try to do more threads yo!