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  1. E3 2015 (Poll Added)

    #903222015-06-15 02:27:19 *Warlock said:

    Smiley faceIt's that time again video game fans! E3 is here!

    The main expo site can be found at

    There are many new games to be announced and shown for each system. Talk about your favorite ones, or what you're looking forward to this year. Will Sony dominate again, or will Nintendo carry the gold? Maybe Microsoft has a chance coughnopecough. Regardless who wins E3, it'll be either great, or be shit. However, let's enjoy every moment!

    The following are a preview of some possible series that might be at E3:


    Smiley face


    Smiley face


    Smiley face

  2. #903302015-06-15 11:38:44Xyopq said:

    Sweet, was just about to come on and make an E3 thread XD The bits of the Bethesda conference I've seen were really good. Fallout 4 looks AMAZING. I think I need the Pipboy Edition for reasons.

    Here are some videos from the conference:

    Dishonored 2:

    Fallout 4:

    Doom 4:

  3. #903742015-06-16 20:32:14--Jack-- said:

    Square Enix basically made the audience sit through a bunch of crap before they announced Kingdom Hearts 3 was "in development". release date...

  4. #903762015-06-17 02:47:37Momimochi said:

    Still better than last year's FFVII troll.

    Also, it's SE. I'm pretty sure they know that their fanbase is loyal enough to stick around through DECADES worth of time.

  5. #903782015-06-17 04:29:07 *--Jack-- said:

    Which Game Company did the worst job presenting at E3 2015?

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    I left out the PC Gaming Show that PCGamer put together because it was more of a random-interview show than any one group announcing things.