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  1. Classical Music Appreciation Thread

    #903542015-06-16 06:38:11 *Zephyr said:
    Hello fellow classical music fans! Here we can share and discuss stuff about classical music >_< anyways... I'm pretty new into this genre. I only ever liked Canon in D from the korean movie my sassy girl for about 6 years or so. But watching Your Lie in April made me adore the genre!
  2. #903672015-06-16 14:14:00olivaisfire1997 said:

    Oh, nice thread, always love to see people talk about the genre! If you're interested in another anime that has a major focus on classical music I recommend Nodame Cantabile (one of my favs). I love to see anime, and honestly other medias, widen people's perspective on overall culture! My introduction to the genre was a collection of the great composers, it was pretty standard stuff, but it started my love for it, especially for Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Tchaikovsky. As I went on, obviously I discovered so many other composers with a wide range of works, I can say that exploring this genre is incredibly fun, and can be a fantastic journey. And now I'll plug some of my favorites, they may be obvious or cliché but I just love them:

  3. #904022015-06-18 17:26:38Zephyr said:

    @olivaisfire1997 woah! these are really good pieces! These really gives a calming/soothing feeling on me...

    I have been thinking to watch that anime, it's just that internet for me is really bad to watch anime. I could, but with all the buffers I have to endure discourages me.

  4. #904032015-06-18 17:43:53olivaisfire1997 said:

    Hmm, I understand your problem quite well @Zephyr the only thing I can suggest in this case is a site that I used exclusively to watch anime ever since I learned about it, it's fast and offers up to 1080p, it's , if per chance you already know of it, or you find the same problem there, they also have a download feature for each episode, at any quality available. If nothing suits you, I still recommend you watch it somehow, it has interesting views in classical music, and it's a pretty nice anime.

  5. #904012015-06-18 17:13:35 *Zephyr said:

    I'd like to share this!

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso classical pieces

    Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor first movement

  6. #904192015-06-19 06:13:11Momimochi said:

    Just gonna say that the Liebesleid KimiUso had has NOTHING on actual Rachmaninoff playing it.

    And that I love that man for his brilliant pieces, but hate him to bits and pieces for having monster hands, thus rendering me unable to play his sheets.

  7. #904202015-06-19 06:38:41Zephyr said:

    @Momimochi i actually prefer the kimiuso version... idk why i get the feeling it's really smooth.. as kousei's mom said it's like caressing a baby lol.. i wonder why. (maybe I'm just biased cause I liked the anime so much.)

  8. #904222015-06-19 09:26:40 *Farris said:

    I think this is one of the beauties of classical music the interpreters can play the music in the way it touches them. Of course here you have an example of the original composer playing, and from kimi no uso someone else.
    I find both the kimi no uso version and the original to be extremely beautiful, each in their own way.
    Some interpreters come close to how the actual piece was supposed to sound like, while others explore a new way. Some you might like, some you might hate.
    For example I want to say that no interpreter I've heard so far can bring out the pure genius of Chopin better than Artur Rubinstein, others might disagree.

  9. #904332015-06-19 19:54:56Momimochi said:

    Then again though, my standards probably differ from normal listeners just because I actually have a certificate to perform in orchestras and stuff for piano lol.

    Knowing the history and everything behind songs/composers/timeframes also skews the way you hear performances. Like, what with Liebesleid, the way Rachmaninoff played it really embraced the values back then as a musician.
    The way it was played in KimiUso was more controlled, and definitely following the music sheet to the T (which, actually, despite popular belief, isn't the best way to play any song). You can tell by the mechanical beat and systematic crescendo/decrescendo/emphases.

  10. #904402015-06-20 01:05:44 *Momimochi said:


    Oh right aren't you German or something. IDK, MAN, I'M JUST GOING BY THE HISTORY TEXTBOOKS AND BOOKS.

    ***Offered only in America and Canada, where no shits are given for Germanic spellings apparently.

    EDIT: Fun fact though, I used to spell it with a V until I got marks deducted off my exams for it.

  11. #904342015-06-19 21:20:20 *Ecstasy said:

    Despite being taught musical history and theory and what not in musical school and knowing all of them composers I'm still mainstream, so my favorite is Beethoven

    Then there's Vivaldi

    And from Russians I prefer Tchaikovsky

  12. #905792015-06-27 04:41:15Teil said:

    Nice thread. A lot of interesting pieces I've yet to hear and a lot of old favourites as well. Speaking of old favourites, here's Mozart's Requiem in D minor. Yep, the whole thing. There are snippets here and there that I could've found videos of but I figured I'd just share the whole thing because it's one of the more well known classics.

    And in addition, a more recent piece that I'm quite fond of. The quality isn't the greatest but it still sounds killer.