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The CL Pub

  1. #1121842017-10-08 13:26:06Toku said:

    gulps down the glass of mead and pours another "@EvoRulz, if you can do that on piano then sure thing. Few things better than jazz on piano."

  2. #1122662017-10-21 06:30:12 *EvoRulz said:

    "Are you serious mate? Ah.. what's it take to get some simple service in this place!" *stops shaking Toku and leans over the counter to grab another LL&B*

    "Put it on @DarkChaplains tab for me..." *evil grin*

  3. #1138582018-05-04 18:43:07 *EvoRulz said:

    There sure is @Dio, just over there in the corner next to the piano~ feel free to put in a dollar, i rigged it ages ago so the dollar will just fall out anyway