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  1. Gay Marriage In The USA

    #905652015-06-26 17:39:04Kip said:

    Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage In All 50 States

    I never thought I'd see the day, but as of today, June 26th 2015, Gay Marriage is now LEGAL nationwide in the USA. This is seriously a day of celebration for millions of people in the country.

    In a landmark opinion, a divided Supreme Court ruled Friday that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, establishing a new civil right and handing gay rights advocates a victory that until very recently would have seemed unthinkable.


  2. #905692015-06-26 18:02:52Zephyr said:

    @kip lol why thank me? it's really great tho. if only homophobic stuff disappears then it will be super cool. yay yaoi is turning irl.!

  3. #905812015-06-27 07:24:18Zephyr said:

    yeah. since US has influence to the rest of the world, I hope it also extends to gaya marriage issues in other countries. and I do agree that this is a big step. I just hope the church don't make this change too difficult.

  4. #905722015-06-26 19:52:52Taro_Tanako said:

    This deserves to be front page news!

    One of my gay friends said that although he's been quite privileged to have an accepting family and friends, and only casual exposure to flippant and minor homophobia (nothing like the hideous violence some people experience) it's still a thing that leaves you feeling uncertain and unsure about yourself in society until this kind of news.

    This is a good day.

  5. #905752015-06-26 20:26:33 *Kip said:

    yah, although Gay Marriage is legal now in the USA. homophobia isn't over. the nation still has to overcome homophobia down the road but this is a HUGE step in the right direction!

    all my friends are celebrating lol

  6. #905762015-06-26 20:34:29Taro_Tanako said:

    Totes! There is still prejudice, hate, injustice, violence, etc directed towards homosexuals (and other sexualities) but it's such a massive deal to have the most influential country in the world finally enshrine this basic freedom in law.

  7. #905732015-06-26 20:06:0311037 said:

    That's awesome! I am kinda curious, though, how they went about overriding the states' power. I guess if they established it as a civil right it wouldn't be unconstitutional...

  8. #905742015-06-26 20:25:09Kip said:

    it actually is just an addition to the 14th Amendment which originally allowed interracial marriage between POC and Whites in the USA. so it goes passed States power this way. Obama has been pushing for Gay Marriage since he won office, so he finally came through!

  9. #905882015-06-27 13:28:47Kip said:

    They're probably better off not having you on there then. You're going to be seeing a lot of celebration about it, so you're better off just avoiding certain sites until it dies down tbh.

  10. #905892015-06-27 14:17:03Cloud-VK said:

    It’s about damn time gay marriage was legal!

    This is awesome! Just imagine how many people are out there celebrating huehuehue ~

    I can think of a few who are probably still go’n crazy xD

  11. #905952015-06-27 18:22:0611037 said:

    I really wish they'd gone through better channels. Making an actual law would be a lot better and more legitimate than deciding that it was always illegal to ban gay marriage. I mean, the court isn't supposed to establish laws. I love the fact that this happened, but it happened the wrong way.

  12. #905972015-06-27 19:00:13Kip said:

    yeah i agree, the way it was gone about was really aggravating. the fact that certain states were twisting words in pre-existing laws in order to get around them to not allow gay marriage was extremely problematic. it's about time something was done about it, having every state individually vote for gay marriage was stupid and useless since the marriages wouldn't be recognized in other neighboring states. there needed to be a nationwide decision like this.

  13. #906002015-06-27 19:32:43Trev said:


    No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    I don't know if I think this is necessarily "legislating from the bench". The text of the Fourteenth Amendment might have been contextually about race, but its application to other such contentious social issues in terms of the rights of States to limit contracts seems fairly straightforward.

  14. #906012015-06-27 19:52:1911037 said:

    @Trev Huh. I guess that does make sense. Most of the states' rights arguments are about the states handling all issues of marriage licenses, so they say the federal government is taking actions that are out of it's jurisdiction.

  15. #906042015-06-27 21:43:54Kip said:

    @11037 technically as of right now it's against the law for them to withhold marriage licenses without reasonable excuse (ex; court is closed or something), but denying the licenses would be an act of discrimination otherwise.

    previously states were attempting to work around the 14th Amendment in order to discriminate because originally the amendment was only about race, but now it's written more thoroughly and specifically so that they can no longer do so to any parties.

  16. #906222015-06-28 18:43:27Kip said:

    @--Jack-- yeah Pure already mentioned that a couple states aren't agreeing with it atm.

    also it would be really fucking weird if they just GAVE OUT marriage licenses. like i'm pretty sure that's not how it works, at least for gay couples. that one woman in NY married like 10 guys without any questions asked lol.

  17. #906052015-06-27 23:49:02Warlock said:

    This is definitely something people will remember Obama for in the future. It's a great thing though, and I'm happy for all those who want it.

  18. #906062015-06-28 01:22:30Teil said:

    Well this is another step forward for the U.S. Good for you all down there, finally getting some of the most basic rights every human deserves. It's a shame about all the arseheads prancing around throwing their childish fits. But, then again that's all they are; children. I've even seen some of the really stupid people saying they've decided to move to Canada in protest of the legalization of gay marriage. The morons don't even know it's been legal here for 10 years.

    I will say that the flood of all the LGBT flags and celebrations of everyone onto many of the social media platforms I use is fairly annoying but hey, they deserve it. Let them release some of their excitement I say. I just hope the media doesn't milk this for too long and lose sight of what's really important in this legalization.

  19. #906322015-06-28 20:34:37 *Cloud-VK said:


    It's a shame about all the arseheads prancing around throwing their childish fits. But, then again that's all they are; children.

    I agree.

    To me some of these hateful people and groups are just so crazy and delusional it’s really enough to make me puke. But, at this point they’re all just acting like sore losers. At least that's what I think about the situation.

    But they can cry about it until their blue in their damned faces. This is a victory for all those people out there who waited for this day to come.

  20. #906252015-06-28 19:46:58Kip said:

    tbh @Rebel there's not really a point when the topic of the thread is about Gay Marriage being legalized in America. your comment might be more "edgy" and "appreciated" if posted someplace else. it does not contribute to the conversation at hand at all.

  21. #906332015-06-28 20:46:44Kip said:

    if you've got nothing constructive to contribute to the topic @Rebel then i suggest you move along. even your responses to being called out are lack luster and low effort, which means your original opinion of the subject was hardly a contribution at all if you're so unmotivated to defend it. do not return until you have something of value to be said here.

    edgy side comments about America (or any other country, really) are uninspired and can hardly be considered relevant to a discussion about political feats being mended.

  22. #906592015-06-30 23:53:37BeautifulMan said:

    Well I don't agree with the ruling due to the 10th amendment, however I think that marriage shouldn't even be recognized by the states.

  23. #906612015-07-01 01:00:29--Jack-- said:

    In a way, some aspects would be much simpler if marriage wasn't entwined with the legal recognition of the Government. But there'd be a lot of things left open ended if marriage wasn't legally relevant. I feel it would be a lot more unfair of a setup if we didnt recognize it.

    If we didn't recognize marriage in a legal way:

    • 1.) When a spouse dies, their family could potentially inherit almost all of the couple's assets (considering people's in-laws don't always like them). So in other words, well your love died, now you have 30 days to pack your stuff and get out, because your father/mother in law is a piece of shit.

    • 2.) The blood relatives can decide to take a person off of life support, possibly if it goes against their and/or their spouse's wishes. [Skip two spaces, go back to point #1 above].

    Now the case that the idea of marriage itself has flaws and shouldn't exist is an argument I could potentially get behind, from a social science standpoint.

  24. #906632015-07-01 01:36:37Kip said:

    there's also the issue of people marrying immigrants who don't have green cards in order to keep them in the states so that they can't be deported. a lot of people in America do that for family, and some strangers even get paid to do it.

  25. #906672015-07-01 06:07:30 *Frey said:

    I may need some enlightenment here. I'm keeping an open mind. So please, don't shout or rage at me, here goes.

    While I am for same-sex marriage, but it is only limited to... civil marriage and not in a Catholic church because procreation

    I wouldn't really mind same sex marriage except that I would think of them as hypocrites if they did it in a catholic church. And I would stop there. I would even keep this thought to myself forever because it didn't even violate my own freedom, it would be just a thought. Is this okay, or not?

    (Everything is limited in Roman Catholic, I would never care if two were married in another religion because I don't even have a clue what their teachings are.)

  26. #906692015-07-01 08:29:12Candytenshi said:

    The Catholic church is outside this whole thing. What they wanted to achieve here was equal rights. For people to have legal rights when it comes to their same sex partners in the same way the (so-called) "traditional" married couples are getting. That was the point of the legalization. The issues in different religions when it comes to this thing are a different matter.

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I think that's what it was, lol

  27. #906772015-07-01 14:06:38Lieutenant said:

    While I do not support same-sex marriage, I am however won't be getting in anyone's way. Such legalization won't twitch me away from my seat to rage like the other 'extremists'. Anyways, it's their decision and rights to do so and I, of all other people, have my own. I don't expect my belief to be shove down people's throat, and likewise. I do have gay friends and such and it's already enough for me to see them happy. No arguments are needed here.