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Parent: Gay Marriage In The USA

  1. #906042015-06-27 21:43:54Kip said:

    @11037 technically as of right now it's against the law for them to withhold marriage licenses without reasonable excuse (ex; court is closed or something), but denying the licenses would be an act of discrimination otherwise.

    previously states were attempting to work around the 14th Amendment in order to discriminate because originally the amendment was only about race, but now it's written more thoroughly and specifically so that they can no longer do so to any parties.

  2. #906222015-06-28 18:43:27Kip said:

    @--Jack-- yeah Pure already mentioned that a couple states aren't agreeing with it atm.

    also it would be really fucking weird if they just GAVE OUT marriage licenses. like i'm pretty sure that's not how it works, at least for gay couples. that one woman in NY married like 10 guys without any questions asked lol.