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Parent: Gay Marriage In The USA

  1. #906592015-06-30 23:53:37BeautifulMan said:

    Well I don't agree with the ruling due to the 10th amendment, however I think that marriage shouldn't even be recognized by the states.

  2. #906612015-07-01 01:00:29--Jack-- said:

    In a way, some aspects would be much simpler if marriage wasn't entwined with the legal recognition of the Government. But there'd be a lot of things left open ended if marriage wasn't legally relevant. I feel it would be a lot more unfair of a setup if we didnt recognize it.

    If we didn't recognize marriage in a legal way:

    • 1.) When a spouse dies, their family could potentially inherit almost all of the couple's assets (considering people's in-laws don't always like them). So in other words, well your love died, now you have 30 days to pack your stuff and get out, because your father/mother in law is a piece of shit.

    • 2.) The blood relatives can decide to take a person off of life support, possibly if it goes against their and/or their spouse's wishes. [Skip two spaces, go back to point #1 above].

    Now the case that the idea of marriage itself has flaws and shouldn't exist is an argument I could potentially get behind, from a social science standpoint.

  3. #906632015-07-01 01:36:37Kip said:

    there's also the issue of people marrying immigrants who don't have green cards in order to keep them in the states so that they can't be deported. a lot of people in America do that for family, and some strangers even get paid to do it.