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  1. Gangsta. [Anime Discussion]

    #907202015-07-06 12:13:55 *Lieutenant said:



    Title: ギャングスタ
    English Title: Gangsta.
    Episodes & Type: 12 episodes TV Anime
    Airing: July 2nd, 2015
    Genres: Action, Drama, Seinen
    Rating & Demographic: R-17+ (violence & profanity)
    Studio: Bandai Visual, Manglobe, Frontier Works, FUNimation Entertainment
    Adapted from: Manga
    Noteworthy Voice Actors:

    Web: MyAnimeList


    In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Enter the "Handymen," Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. Until the day when a cop they know on the force requests their help in taking down a new gang muscling in on the territory of a top Mafia family. It seems like business (and mayhem) as usual, but the Handymen are about to find that this job is a lot more than they bargained for.


  2. #907302015-07-07 20:00:34awkwardangels said:

    I really really really like this series. I read all of the manga that was available within 2 days on my tablet. What other series would you see a badass deaf guy who defys alllll stereotypes, a.... male gigleo thats an embarrassment to nature smh, and a really sympathetic former prostitute.

    The anime keeps up the atmosphere and follows the manga really well, which makes me more hopeful that they won't screw it up eventually. Most importantly, I read somewhere that they actually hired someone who knows sign language because Nicolas uses it a lot. I really don't mind if the budget takes a hit later on if they actually hired someone who knows sign language tbh.

    I just really hope they leave the ending open and end it with an arc from the manga tbh. Don't do a anime original ending for the love of god.

  3. #907462015-07-10 11:10:39chickenfetch said:

    Must watch. If you liked Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, then this is the anime for you. What's good is that they stuck well with the manga. The anime style is good but the anime quality could have been better. Either way, I'd still watch it since those are very minimal things that I can bear with.

  4. #907552015-07-10 19:49:20Teil said:

    The whole dog-tag thing they've presented is pretty hit-or-miss with me. It seems interesting and could go a lot of ways but at the same time it feels a little silly. Other than that, this shows has been really entertaining. Nico's character is like a breath of fresh air among all these cut and paste copies that plague most of the other shows airing this season. The animation is gorgeous too. We'll see how this goes.

  5. #907652015-07-11 19:23:58awkwardangels said:

    The dog tag thing will be explained later on, I just hope they don't like. Mess up explaining it because it is a bit confusing at first. Its not really cheesy and well... its somewhat realistic once you learn it.

    But its basically why Nicolas is extremely strong, if you haven't noticed already but people without dog tags in this series aren't as strong as Nicolas is, and he has a extreme handicap already.

  6. #907902015-07-13 21:30:13Teil said:

    There's already art of Nico and Nina. Their interactions were pretty damn adorable last episode too. Nina I need more of this stuff

  7. #908002015-07-14 21:06:30Momimochi said:

    I'm just gonna come here to point out that the producers are so biased towards Nico that OP/ED is full of him. I counted appearances in the ED. It was 27:48 ratio or something, Worick : Nico.
    OP is just obviously focused on Nico minus beginning/ending sequences of Al.

    Also, that budgeting scheme where all budget went into OP and there's shit budget for actual content. Look at the choppy animation gooooo-


    There were art of them before the anime was released. It's this thing called the manga. That shit's huge over there in Japan.

  8. #909152015-07-25 08:49:01effect said:

    yes @taro_tanako , i've seen it. but more or less. Gangsta is really good so far, for what i've seen, ofc the other series were great too

    Black lagoon, jormmungund , Gungrave, Michiko to hatchin m Gunslinger girl , are not bad.

  9. #909392015-07-29 06:55:55--Jack-- said:

    Just watched ep 1 - 4 today. Looks good so far. It's an interesting turn having a deaf character. A good change of pace compared to most series.

  10. #919352015-09-06 23:11:02AolDunedein said:

    Gangsta is turning out to be a great series, but i fear they won't be able to end it well with the small number of remaining episodes... we'll see.

  11. #970582016-01-08 11:58:28 *Kirn said:

    Finished watching that.

    Pretty nice! As was said already, this has a sort of Black Lagoon feeling to it - city that lives by its own rules. And is full of evil sadistic bastards. Actually, it is so nice to have anime about evil sadistic bastards for a change instead of some fucking schoolkids. I mean, shit, most of the cast is some sort of maniac.

    Another thing to note is how people seem to coexist there. Like, Nico and Doug have fight nearly to the death, and after that they can talk normally at doctor's place. (Btw, fuck, that is one intimidating doctor...) Like, we are all friends here, unless we have to kill each other at some point. And that is why you get immediate feel of dislike for the group that attacks at the end of the show - they are outsiders to this nice cozy setup, and they are breaking stuff.

    Last thing to mention is... Since I think the show is pretty good, and I like the characters... And it end on a huge fucking cliffhanger, I guess I will be reading that manga now.