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  1. The Idea Thread

    #907312015-07-08 02:16:30Teil said:

    Idea I present to you all a thread born out of sheer procrastination habits and boredom: The Idea Thread. The title is pretty self explanatory; post your ideas. Whether they be practical, irrational, spontaneous, or personal, throw your ideas into here for all to see. The only restriction is your imagination! And possibly the laws of physics and the universe.

    What's that? Your lack of an imagination is hindering you from posting here? Well, rejoice! This is where it gets juicy. Even if you have no ideas to contribute with, you'll still possess the power to sway us all with your opinions! Underneath any idea that has caught your attention, you can vote it as a "Good Idea" or "Bad Idea" in the form of a sub-post. Naturally, those who have created ideas of their own are welcome to rate other's ideas as well. Criticism and praise goes without saying, but remember to keep things respectable. Don't be an arse about something just because you dislike it. The two ideas with the greatest number of up-votes or down-votes will earn a flashy spot here in the parent post, as well as the respect of the mighty Teil. Be sure to make it clear whether or not you're voting for or against an idea. If you'd rather your comment not be counted as a vote, simply say so in your post. I'll be tallying the votes every few days, that is if this thread gets any life at all. So get to it everyone! Have some fun with your minds!

    The Best Idea

    The Worst Idea

  2. #907322015-07-08 02:56:36 *--Jack-- said:

    I have an idea for eliminating Nuclear waste.

    Plasma cutters are able to cut through anything because they heat up the molecules so much that they rip apart at an atomic level and turn to plasma temporarily, meaning the atoms are torn apart, leaving particles that randomly combine into mostly docile elements later on.


    If there was some sort of conveyor belt that superheated nuclear waste with the same methods, the atoms would be ripped apart and made non-threatening, right? The whole reason why things that are radioactive are dangerous is that the atoms fling off particles that attach themselves to our own, causing problems in tissues, cells, proteins, and necessary elements in the body. But if the element itself was deconstructed, wouldn't it be non-threatening?

    This has surely been thought of before, since it's basic physics. There are probably several depressing potential reasons why its not being used: Either there's some flaw where radiation still occurs, some reason that the groups in charge of disposing of it simply don't see it as a problem in need of solving right now, or perhaps the cost of making it go away is too steep for people to care about...who knows.

  3. #907362015-07-08 12:58:37 *Rinneko said:

    I won't be pretend to be anywhere near as knowledgable as @--Jack-- in the wondrous field of science but from some quick Googling, Tetronics International, a specialist supplier of Direct Current (DC) plasma plants for hazardous waste treatment and metal recovery, is going to design and build a prototype plasma system for nuclear waste vitrification. I read it up here, here, and here.

  4. #925662015-10-12 04:24:30--Jack-- said:

    At this point, why has no one been selling tofu thats been dyed green under the product name "soylent green"? The sheer cult movie following would give it booming sales.