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  1. Pranks/jokes/stuff you did that were funny

    #909732015-08-02 23:13:52ccc said:

    Well as title says I guess i'll go first

    Well,when my sister leaves her room,I'll go in and hide in her closet or under the bed so then when ever she is all nice and comfortable laying down I get out and scream. Then she gets scared,gets mad at me then my mom yells at her for screaming due to me scaring her

  2. #909882015-08-03 16:39:13Zach said:


    Me and My friend Owen Sprayed a Room full of Freshman's bathroom full of Liquid Ass Spray


    And then we tried to cover it up using Axe Body Spray...Then we tried using Goldbond power...Then The fire alarm was set off. The room kept the smell for 2 days.

  3. #909912015-08-03 16:52:47 *Mitsumami said:

    Around the age of 2, my sister was born. Apparently I was very jealous that everyone had her attention, so I went into her room, took out my diaper and smeared shit all over the walls and her toys. Momma was not impressed

  4. #909962015-08-03 20:28:02Josh_The_Mech said:

    i dropped a lime once in my companions mouth while he was asleep... once i heard someone did the samething, but with a chillie habinero.

  5. #910112015-08-04 20:59:52 *ccc said:

    on the way out to go pick up my brother one night from work,my sister tagged along ,so as I walked out the door I put the lock on the door,as my sister came behind me I told her to close the door so I then I stop and tell her" go lock the door" so she goes to open the door to lock jokes on her I already locked the door

    @Farris i love you no more

    @Ecstasy I hope you get well

  6. #910252015-08-05 07:22:43 *Ecstasy said:

    @ccc this is a very weird way to reply. it makes no sense because you can't tell who said what first. you should really just reply in a separate post like everyone else to keep the thread structured.

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  7. #994732016-02-20 01:54:42Blush said:

    yo this has foul language js

    So one day i was streaming on Twitch with my friends (twitch is a site that basically shows whats on your screen and people can join your room and watch you narrate/play etc) After a good solid 2 hours streaming i decided to close my laptop and go to sleep for the night. Now when i got up in the morning, i did what any non-respectable teenager would do and looked up porn. About 15 minutes later my friends were popping up to me on skype like "wtf" yes people. I forgot to turn off my stream and ended up streaming porn on my channel. sigh :<

  8. #994762016-02-20 05:24:20DunnDolo said:

    I did a couple of things.

    1) i was babysitting my cousin one day and he was suppose to be doing his homework but he was taking a nap instead. I took a bowl of warm water and poured it on his crotch. He woke up thinking he peed on himself and i let him believe that for like 2 weeks.

    2) i pranked my wife by making her think i was sleeping in the bed with another woman. I took a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans and stuffed them with dirty clothes. Then i took a basketball and an old black wig from a halloween costume and covered it to look like a head. I layed the stuffed shirt, stuffed jeans, basketball and wig under the covers in our bed and laid next to it like i was cuddling with it. My wife went hysterical. I was smiling and kept telling her "Its not what you think." She was screaming, crying and all other types of shit until she finally yanked the covers off. She was still kinda mad but she couldnt help but lol because she knew i got her good. Best prank ever.

    3) one day my friends and i were getting drunk and we decided to prank one of the guys who was super drunk. We put did the old see through wrap under the toilet lid trick and made him smear shit all over himself when he went to the bathroom. He was too drunk too realize what happend and thought he just didnt wipe his ass good enough. We were so terrible but it was so hilarious.

  9. #994782016-02-20 05:36:47EvoRulz said:

    We put a remote-pc control on someone's laptop with a USB when they left it sitting there (took 60 seconds to instal and remove USB) and then messed with him by slightly moving his mouse or editing some words on his screen when he wasn't looking XD

  10. #994792016-02-20 05:38:29 *EvoRulz said:

    Freaked him the fuck out by writing "I LOVE [the name of his crush]" in font size of 40 XD when he was in the middle of class