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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1086572017-01-04 22:29:38Cloud-VK said:

    Starting to think I'm a sicker person than even I think I am. Watching my dad get his ass kicked really shouldn't make me so happy.

  2. #1086582017-01-04 22:38:39Inia said:

    2016 didn't just suck for me, but for half the world. Is this good or bad that I share this with everyone?

  3. #1086912017-01-07 01:15:24Cloud-VK said:

    Gotta face the facts's time to trim the beard ...going back ta school next week and it looks pretty wild ...damn it.

  4. #1088312017-01-19 04:49:37Rebel said:

    If you died, it would be even worst, cause then you'll spend and eternity haunting that crack ridden house

  5. #1089152017-01-24 16:53:37Zyxx23 said:

    Took me a while but finally done after a few hours of it being empty. Really hard to decide what to put in one's profile.