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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1105132017-05-13 02:21:34chalice said:

    While I'm sitting backstage to come back on, I wonder how badly I am going to fuck up on my lines. There's a huge crowd ):

  2. #1105212017-05-14 05:06:10 *Yugure said:

    Happy Mother's Day. Have some feels.

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    (Read right to left like the weeb you are)

  3. #1106182017-05-18 20:59:00 *DarkChaplain said:

    Fuck Fuuka. Truck-kun should've done his job in the anime. Fuck episode 11. Fuck making Hayami Saori cry. Fuck that dipshit protag. You don't ruin things with Best Girl. Shit anime ending is shit.