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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1106182017-05-18 20:59:00 *DarkChaplain said:

    Fuck Fuuka. Truck-kun should've done his job in the anime. Fuck episode 11. Fuck making Hayami Saori cry. Fuck that dipshit protag. You don't ruin things with Best Girl. Shit anime ending is shit.

  2. #1106672017-05-22 21:23:34ccc said:

    Out of frustration I shouted at my mom,she screams at me all my life ,but I'm the one who feels like shit for it

  3. #1107222017-05-23 17:18:59IrawaWeirHolo said:

    When ISIS merged forces with the local terrorists groups in your country and starts beheading people but you're still thinking about how much time you will waste sleeping tommorow

  4. #1107712017-05-26 07:14:57EvoRulz said:

    that 'sticky situation' wasnt supposed to be an inuendo lol it was just supposed to be a bad pun, anyways if you have some kinda problem with me commenting on your posts just say so, also i replied before i read this aha soz m9

  5. #1107762017-05-26 15:38:07Yugure said:

    Also, I don't understand why the school celebrates graduation ceremony in May (today) when there's classes until June...

  6. #1110182017-06-06 08:02:49EvoRulz said:

    I don't understand why they dont just start school at the start of the year and end school at the end of the year