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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1132002018-01-26 21:09:46shafnat said:

    If you've ever played Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim before, you know that manikins appeared in such unstable world. I don't know if the spambots are manikins and CL is the world that has become unstable where the God of Harmony has perished and the God of Discord has nothing else to mess with except to end himself and the world. My mind getting weird pfft.

  2. #1132062018-01-27 11:23:05Dane said:

    "You know I'm shooting for the top, right David?"


    "Wanna come"?


  3. #1132542018-02-02 16:39:05Ike_no-aishite said:

    Guys why don't we have a Discord... and if any of you do what's your ID. I was just thinking that. But if this was discussed already just tell me.

  4. #1132652018-02-04 21:54:34shafnat said:

    Intern's over, going back to uni in a week. If i'd choose, i'll choose to stay working here without even paid than to go back craving and begging for marks in uni.