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  1. #991102016-02-12 10:43:50Cyth said:

    Didn't get any individual medals nor places but our division won 4th place on girls division and we got silver on overall. <3

  2. #992682016-02-15 09:27:27 *Cyth said:

    So I attended a seminar earlier about "Love Languages". We chose the letter of what makes us feel loved and counted which of the letters is the highest. If we have a lots of A's, it means we feel loved when someone gives us words of affirmation. B's, Quality Time. C's, receiving gifts. D's Acts of service. And E's Physical Touch.

    So people knew what is their "Love Language". What I got? A-7 B-7 C-2 D-7 E-7 Guess I'm that appreciative? HAHAHA XD I didn't have the chance to talk with the speaker though...

  3. #993662016-02-17 21:11:18DunnDolo said:

    Im thinking about how my oldest son better not be using up all the free space on my Xbox one hardrive with all the games he says "sucks" but he doesn't uninstall. -_-