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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1091562017-02-17 02:12:19 *chalice said:

    It's hard to believe that I will play my last year of basketball and volleyball next year. I still feel like I'm a freshman. ):

  2. #1092382017-02-22 18:24:35Yugure said:

    Not really sure if:

    • I should cook spaghetti, buy pizza and poutine;

    • Take out Chinese Food;

    • Or settle down with $50 iTunes Card.

  3. #1092462017-02-23 06:24:34Koushiro said:

    Tons of people I dont know T.T


    help me in studying chemistry please

  4. #1093472017-02-26 22:42:02armedzerox said:

    What game should I buy next? which is available on ps4 now I want a game with a good story

    The game that i feel worth playing Uncharted series, The Witcher series (except the expansion, but will do!), watchdog series, the last of us, dying light, GTA5 maybe some more,but this what I remember at the moment

  5. #1093752017-02-28 00:00:16piggu said:

    A/A/A/A projected -----> A/A/A/A lmao

    spend that shit and get it right back

    got too much sauce. got lost in the sauce

    more money more amazon boxes

    12 donuts in one night bye bye gains

    losing weight when i want to gain

    stronger lifts

    got my Russian telnyashka

    fucking early spring allergies

    need to replace windshield wiper

    v6 bby. catch me riding dirty in that Rikkuma-mobile boi

    first strike on youtube ;w; waiting for may 12

    want MarineMaster. might have to settle for sbdc025 monster instead fug

    s u h d u d e

  6. #1094052017-03-01 14:18:29 *armedzerox said:

    yeahh thesis submitted!

    and then my prof asked me, make sure you finish your next experiment before april.