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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1091202017-02-14 22:23:21 *Yugure said:

    Scratched a card ticket and Visa ticket. Both are instant win.

    But not eligible to claim those sweet, sweet $10,000.


  2. #1091362017-02-16 03:32:03shafnat said:

    Man i know this town is hot but this goddamn class aint need no 3 active air conditioner tho this fucking drastic temprature change made me wanna take a shit everytime a class ends

  3. #1091562017-02-17 02:12:19 *chalice said:

    It's hard to believe that I will play my last year of basketball and volleyball next year. I still feel like I'm a freshman. ):

  4. #1092382017-02-22 18:24:35Yugure said:

    Not really sure if:

    • I should cook spaghetti, buy pizza and poutine;

    • Take out Chinese Food;

    • Or settle down with $50 iTunes Card.

  5. #1092462017-02-23 06:24:34Koushiro said:

    Tons of people I dont know T.T


    help me in studying chemistry please

  6. #1093472017-02-26 22:42:02armedzerox said:

    What game should I buy next? which is available on ps4 now I want a game with a good story

    The game that i feel worth playing Uncharted series, The Witcher series (except the expansion, but will do!), watchdog series, the last of us, dying light, GTA5 maybe some more,but this what I remember at the moment