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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1134772018-03-07 02:15:45hellstorm901 said:

    I'm thinking that the fact I get an email alert from this place by a person I cannot remember I last interacted with is probably a good sign I have a Yuno Gasai clone on my hands.

  2. #1135162018-03-15 17:31:09Cloud-VK said:

    I'm bleeding out, I've always had bad nosebleeds, but now its like I lose a coffee cup worth every time. So lightheaded and dizy all the time, sick. Bet my brain is leaking. I'd go to a hospital ...but you know ...I hate them.

  3. #1136142018-04-01 04:23:30 *EvoRulz said:

    today i made onigiri for the first time and even found some furikake rice seasoning stuffs to put in it! the hardest part has been correctly cooking the rice, as the packet instructions arent great, but i found a good video on it. Now I can make ramen and onigiri! I'm on my way to making someone a good waifu one day x,D

  4. #1136362018-04-02 16:42:21 *Cloud-VK said:

    My mom gave me some disturbing news, that kinda hit me hard in a weird way. I dunno. Just one of many things lately I can't get outta my head.

    Anyway, one morning last year on the way to my grandparents we found a car that was nearly vertical over a steep ditch. There was a elderly woman moaning in pain who had been pinned by the arm under the car, a little dog guarding her, and a old guy that had flown threw the windshield asleep in the ditch. Thought the guy was dead at first, but he was sleep'n. They had gone undiscovered a whole night. Anyhow we got them help, got them outta there, and got a god bless you letter in the mail several weeks later.

    Thing is, my mom found out, the same couple and dog, along with their son and his kids all died in a terrible car crash last week.

    I mean everybody dies. No, shock there. It's just sad and freaky you know

  5. #1137002018-04-11 06:12:03Dane said:

    I hope these mfs hire me tomorrow. Or at least consider it. Unprepared af, as always. Maybe I can prep before I leave.

  6. #1137682018-04-20 03:18:10Sheep said:

    @IrawaWeirHolo No. It's not. I've done the same thing with PaD. For storage. It was alright for a few weeks but then I got tired of it and wanted other games :( but I can't because memory full. :'(

  7. #1137932018-04-23 05:47:22Cyth said:

    I've been thinking... is it just me or Kilgrave from Jessica Jones in Netflix resembles a mixture of Kirn and Gargron???