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What Are You Thinking Right Now

  1. #1144272018-08-08 05:52:58miako said:

    Every time i m online nobody is in there. No Farris, no DC. Is this the end of a period? Well, i m in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in australia when i am writing this thread. And i hope there is no ku klux Klan here because seems like i am the only guy with dark skin. Nevertheless it s a beautiful place.

  2. #1144342018-08-08 16:02:07DarkChaplain said:

    That's because there's no point keeping the site open when you're the only person there, and even if there's somebody else, they're not responding to pings anyway, or leave when addressed.

  3. #1144672018-08-13 23:57:24miako said:

    In fact the most dangerous people are stupid people. They are just stupid. And they are everywhere. Wherever there is a mess there is always stupid people behind it. Because even the most graduate guy can be stupid. And when you face a stupid person there is no way you can win or escape. You must prepare yourself for the worst poops. You cannot face a stupid guy with your wisdom or your smartness because even the most perfect guy can lose facing stupidity.that is reality. (It s just the main idea of a book of a philosopher. )

  4. #1144832018-08-15 02:09:02ccc said:

    So last year whileI worked a temporary gig for the school district I had a interview for a assistant teacher position and every question made me seem to be a pedophile last year , so last year I was perceived to be a pedophile

    (Worked the same gig this summer )But no not this year , this year I was perceived to be a school shooter/ terrorist

  5. #1145102018-08-23 01:54:27Sage_Phantomhive said:

    I'm thinking about how nervous I am about starting my new job. I'm working in a bigger restaurant now and they want me to carry this stupidly huge tray that can hold up to 4 big plates at a Mexican restaurant. I totally hope I don't drop it. Plus they only gave me 2 hours of training. Like, really? Isn't training normally longer? IHOP gave me training for literally 2 weeks to make sure I was ready. This place is just throwing me into the mix. I liked the place but it just got me nervous. I guess new jobs are always so nervous and stressful.

  6. #1145212018-08-26 05:44:12shafnat said:

    Can't get over the Paramore concert last night. I wanna go back in time, that was the last show of their After Laughter era.

  7. #1145952018-09-06 06:42:10Wolfangle said:

    Talking to an ex, I'm good friends with, about her crush. It's weird in a way cause it's like, "yea, i remember loving you like that. I could guess what he's feeling like." Course I can't say that. And hearing about him is just like me seeing a lot of qualities about myself.. Such is a thing when the love is still there, but it's not that you fell out of love, but just forgot how to love each other.

  8. #1145982018-09-07 05:44:33shafnat said:

    The name Monster Hunter probably not because we hunt monsters.... But we hunters are the monsters themselves...

    not original i know but that thing stuck in my head for days now every time i play the game.

  9. #1146322018-09-14 05:53:15Bavalt said:

    Started a manga last night, and now I'm six volumes in and nearing the conclusion, only to find out that I need to wait for the last one to release. I was really enjoying it!

    Welp, guess I'd better get back to DnD prep...